TheObamaCrat Wake-Up Call™ For Friday The 25th Of July, 2014: Central America Leaders Visit Barack’s House.




President Barack Obama meets with the presidents of three Central American counties in the wake of the border children crisis. They are President Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala, President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras, and President of El Salvador



White House Schedule – July 25, 2014


Office of the Press Secretary
Friday July 25th, 2014


FRIDAY July 25th, 2014


In the morning, the President and Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.


In the afternoon, the President will meet with President Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala, President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras, and President Salvador Sanchez Ceren of El Salvador. The Vice President will also attend. The four leaders and Vice President Biden will discuss how to reinforce our ongoing collaboration to stem the flow of undocumented migrants from Central America to Mexico and the United States.  This will include discussion of how the United States and Central American governments are cooperating to promote safe, legal, and orderly migration between our countries in a spirit of shared responsibility, including with respect to the return of family units, which began last week for all three countries.  There will be a pool spray of this meeting in the Cabinet Room at the bottom.




Friday, July 25 2014  All Times ET


10:00 AM: THE PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing, Oval Office.


1:00 PM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest, The Brady Press briefing Room.

July 25, 2014 1:00 PM EDT

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest

The White House, White House LIVE Streaming


2:00 PM: THE PRESIDENT meets with President Molina of Guatemala, President Hernandez of Honduras, and President Ceren of El Salvador; THE VICE PRESIDENT also attends, The Cabinet Room.


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Speeches and Remarks/Statements and Releases – July 24th, 2014


President Obama to Deliver Remarks at Young African Leaders Presidential Summit


Readout of the President’s Call to President Peña Nieto of Mexico


Message to the Congress — Amendment Between the United States and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


FACT SHEET: Increasing Investment in Rural America


President Obama to Deliver Remarks at Young African Leaders Presidential Summit

WASHINGTON, DC – On Monday, July 28, President Obama will deliver remarks at the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Presidential Summit in Washington, DC.





Connecting African Leaders to U.S. Industry Beyond the Beltway


The upcoming U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which is the largest single engagement by any U.S. President with our African partners, will help the United States play a driving role in the continent’s future development.

Many Americans are aware that sub-Saharan Africa is a fast-growing region with tremendous potential, but they may not know about significant plans to develop infrastructure across the continent. We believe that these plans represent enormous business opportunities for U.S. companies of all sizes, and that is why we have invited key African decision-makers to meet with private-sector leaders in Chicago and Houston prior to the Summit.

These African Leaders’ Visits, which the U.S. Trade and Development Agency is partnering with the U.S. Departments of Transportation and Energy to host from July 30 to August 1, will highlight the United States’ experience fostering economic growth through key infrastructure investments. These Visits are the only commercially focused events to take African leaders to major U.S. cities outside of Washington, D.C. on the occasion of the Summit.


U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony R. Foxx and I will co-host the African Leaders’ Visit: Transport in Chicago for transportation ministers whose countries have recently announced plans for significant near-term expansions in both rail and aviation infrastructure. Site visits to the Union Pacific Intermodal Terminal and O’Hare International Airport will feature the U.S. rail and aviation industries and demonstrate how the development of transportation infrastructure has made Chicago an international hub for finance, industry, and technological innovation.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and I will lead the African Leaders’ Visit: Energy in Houston for energy ministers as they face important decisions on how best to develop their countries’ extensive natural gas reserves. In Houston, the delegates will visit energy facilities that were developed to transport and utilize the area’s natural gas resources and that have helped create an economic boom.

The Visits will provide U.S. companies of all sizes exposure to African leaders in settings that showcase the operation of their cutting-edge technologies and services. In Chicago and Houston, the leaders will discuss investment opportunities in their countries and identify potential areas of partnership with the United States. U.S. businesses interested in participating in the Visits can find additional information at on social media via #ALVTransport and #ALVEnergy.

By emphasizing American ingenuity and innovation that can address the continent’s infrastructure needs, the African Leaders’ Visits will help establish new – and strengthen existing – commercial partnerships between the United States and Africa.





July 24th, 2014 Slide Show of the Day


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The TheObamaCrat™ Videos




President Obama Delivers Remarks on the Economy in Los Angeles

July 24, 2014 | 22:26 | Public Domain

President Barack Obama delivers remarks about the economy at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College in Los Angeles, California.




The Conscience of a Compassionate Conservative


Published on Jul 25, 2014

The president of the conservative American Enterprise Institute says free enterprise is good for the poor and good for the soul.




Civilian cost of Ukraine war: hundreds dead, thousands flee


Published on Jul 25, 2014

Another dissenting town in Eastern Ukraine has fallen to government forces as the noose tightens around the capitals of two self-proclaimed republics. Roman Kosarev reports on the high cost to civilians.




U.N. shelter bombed in Gaza ends cease-fire




Sudanese woman sentenced to death for being Christan freed, en route to U.S.


Published on Jul 25, 2014

A Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death after refusing to denounce her Christian faith is on her way to the U.S. Meriam Ibrahim was allowed to leave Sudan and was in Rome to meet with Pope Francis. Norah O’Donnell reports.




‘Modern Family’ Star On Anti-Gay Politician Rick Santorum


Published on Jul 24, 2014

‘Modern Family’ Star Eric Stonestreet: “Rick Santorum wanted a picture with me. It was at a time when he was publicly saying, ‘Gay marriage, gay marriage [is wrong],’ and I’m like, ‘You know, I can’t do it,'” he said. “It was with him and his kids or something like that, and I said, ‘I’d be happy to take a picture with the kids, but I can’t just be in a picture with [Santorum.]‘”




Obamacare Subsides On the Line


Published on Jul 24, 2014

CEPR’s Dean Baker and Media Matters’ Jeremy Holden discuss two federal courts decisions which could disqualify lower and middle income earners for subsidies and the forces working to dismantle Obamacare



The Reich Wing Obama Haters can’t repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCares), so they have found judges who will systematically tear the law apart.



PBS News Hour Full episode | Thursday, July 24, 2014


Published on Jul 24, 2014

Tonight on the program, we examine the fighting in Gaza, where a U.N. school was rocked by explosions prompting blame from both sides. Also: we talk with a Border Patrol agent about the organization’s changing role, a program that’s giving traumatized kids a head start in healing, an interview with ambassador Caroline Kennedy and pinpointing the genetic links of Schizophrenia.




Jeb Bush joins immigration debate


Published on Jul 25, 2014

John King, Manu Raju and Jonathan Martin discuss Jeb Bush weighing in on the latest debate over immigration.



Just what America needs, another dumbass wealthy, racist, selfish ass Bush with an opinion.



How do you know if you’re choosing a good doctor?


Published on Jul 25, 2014

A survey finds only 22 percent of Americans are confident choosing a doctor. Dr. Holly Phillips joins the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts to discuss why choosing a general practitioner could be one of your most important decisions.




24 Years of The Americans with Disabilities Act


Published on Jul 25, 2014

President Obama marks the 24th anniversary of The Americans with Disabilities Act, one of the most comprehensive civil rights bills in the history of this country.




Border Patrol agent: Serious concerns about potential troop deployments


Published on Jul 24, 2014

The White House claims the number of unaccompanied children coming across the southern border has decreased in the past month. But border patrol agents say they are still overwhelmed. Jeffrey Brown talks to Shawn Moran of the National Border Patrol Council about a dip in apprehensions, the changing role of Border Patrol and new reports of excessive force against migrants, including children.






Think Progress: Obamacare Has Helped Americans Save Nearly $2 Billion On Their Insurance Premiums

Millions of Americans can expect to get a refund from their insurance companies this year, at an average of about $80 dollars per family, thanks to a little-known Obamacare provision that’s helping people save money on their premiums. According to a new report released by the Health and Human Services Department on Thursday, Americans across the country have received a total of $1.9 billion dollars in rebates since this provision first took effect in 2011.


Obamacare’s medical loss ratio provision — which is also frequently referred to as the “80/20 rule” — requires insurers to spend at least 80 percent of every American’s premium costs on their medical care, rather than on the company’s own profits or administrative overhead. If insurance companies don’t hit the right balance, they have to issue a refund check to their customers to make up for it.


Read More here at Think Progress.





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President Obama Delivers Remarks on the Economy in Los Angeles



Divided We Fall: The Border Crisis | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid


Published on Jul 24, 2014

Newsflash everyone! There’s an influx of migrant children crossing our border. But what will Congress do about it? ReBLOODlicans want to deport ‘em all! DemoCRIPS are crying for more taxpayer money! But these are child refugees from violent countries. So the Governor asks you, his vigilant viewers, do you really want to send them back? Go to and submit your questions and comments.




Democrat Tells Angry Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist to Stop Watching FOXNews




Extended interview with Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Ryan Pitts


Published on Jul 24, 2014

Sgt. Ryan Pitts was nearing the end of his second tour in Afghanistan when his team began an operation that took a deadly turn. Hundreds of fighters initiated a large-scale attack on his unit and nine soldiers died. Pitts was hit with shrapnel in both legs and in his right arm, but he continued to fight and relay vital information before being airlifted out. Judy Woodruff talks to Medal of Honor recipient.




Astronaut tweets his ‘saddest photo yet’


Published on Jul 24, 2014

European astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted a photo from space showing explosions over Gaza and Israel.




Senate Chairman on VA Talks: ‘Any 6th Grader’ Knows This is Not Negotiation


Published on Jul 24, 2014

Talks on a fix for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ health care crisis have collapsed, after the lead Senate Democratic negotiator accused the top House GOP negotiator of a “take-it-or-leave-it gambit.”


Senate Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., said House Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller, R-Fla., has signaled he has abandoned talks after calling a noon meeting of the conference committee in an effort to ram a GOP plan through.




Biden Talks Economy and Civil Rights


Published on Jul 24, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden says investment in infrastructure and job training is needed to increase economic opportunities in the nation’s cities. He also blasted what he called efforts around the country to repress minority voting. (July 24)




Bizarre Carjacking Spree Caught on Camera west of Denver


Published on Jul 24, 2014

A man armed with a rifle and a handgun carjacked two people on a highway west of Denver. – LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies “Please…. Remember Our Homeless, Hospitalized & Disabled Veterans & Fallen Heroes! Thank You….America!”




Momentum is Building to #RaiseTheWage


Published on Jul 24, 2014

It’s time to #RaiseTheWage for all hardworking Americans. Since 2013, 13 states and Washington, D.C. have taken action to raise their minimum wage. As of Jan. 1, 2015, 26 states and D.C. will have a minimum wage above $7.25.

For more information go to:




OFFICIAL: Flight AH5017 to Algeria Has Crashed with 116 People on Board


Published on Jul 24, 2014

BREAKING: Missing Air Algerie plane from Burkina Faso has crashed: Algerian official
ALGIERS (Reuters) – An Air Algerie flight crashed on Thursday en route from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso to Algiers with 110 passengers on board, an Algerian aviation official said.


There were few clear indications of what might of happened to the aircraft, or whether there were casualties, but Burkino Faso Transport Minister Jean Bertin Ouedrago said it asked to change route at 0138 GMT (9.38 p.m. EDT) because of a storm in the area.


“I can confirm that it has crashed,” the Algerian official told Reuters, declining to be identified or give any details about what had happened to the aircraft on its way north.


Almost half of the passengers were French citizens, an airline official said.


Two French fighter jets based in the region have been dispatched to try to locate the airliner along its probable route, a French army spokesman said. Niger security sources said planes were flying over the border region with Mali to search for the flight.


Algeria’s state news agency APS said authorities lost contact with flight AH 5017 an hour after it took off from Burkina Faso, but other officials gave differing accounts of the times of contact, adding to confusion about the plane’s fate.


Swiftair, the private Spanish company that owns the plane, confirmed it had lost contact with the MD-83 operated by Air Algerie, which it said was carrying 110 passengers and six crew.
A diplomat in the Malian capital Bamako said that the north of the country – which lies on the plane’s likely flight path – was struck by a powerful sandstorm overnight.


Whatever the cause, another plane crash is likely to add to nerves in the industry after a Malaysia Airlines plane was downed over Ukraine last week, a TransAsia Airways crashed off Taiwan during a thunderstorm on Wednesday and airlines canceled flights into Tel Aviv due to the conflict in Gaza.


An Air Algerie representative in Burkina Faso, Kara Terki, told a news conference that all the passengers on the plane were in transit, either for Europe, the Middle East or Canada.


He said the passenger list included 50 French, 24 Burkinabe, eight Lebanese, four Algerians, two from Luxembourg, one Belgian, one Swiss, one Nigerian, one Cameroonian, one Ukrainian and one Romanian. Lebanese officials said there were at least 10 Lebanese citizens on the flight.


A spokeswoman for SEPLA, Spain’s pilots union, said the six crew were from Spain. She could not give any further details.



Swiftair said on its website the aircraft took off from Burkina Faso at 0117 GMT (9.17 p.m. EDT) and was supposed to land in Algiers at 0510 GMT (1.10 a.m. EDT) but never reached its destination.
An Algerian aviation official said the last contact Algerian authorities had with the missing Air Algerie aircraft was at 0155 GMT (9.55 p.m. EDT) when it was flying over Gao, Mali.


Aviation authorities in Burkina say they handed the flight to the control tower in Niamey, Niger, at 1:38 a.m. (09.38 p.m. EDT). They said the last contact with the flight was just after 4:30 a.m. (11.30 p.m. EDT).


Burkina Faso minister Ouedrago said the flight asked the control tower in Niamey to change route at 0138 GMT (9.38 p.m. EDT) because of a storm in the Sahara.
However, a source in the control tower in Niamey, who declined to be identified, said it had not been contacted by the plane, which in theory should have flown over Mali.


Burkinabe authorities have set up a crisis unit in Ouagadougou airport to provide information to families.


Issa Saly Maiga, head of Mali’s National Civil Aviation Agency, said that a search was under way for the missing flight.


“We do not know if the plane is Malian territory,” he told Reuters. “Aviation authorities are mobilized in all the countries concerned – Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Algeria and even Spain.”


Aviation websites said the missing aircraft, one of four MD-83s owned by Swiftair, was 18-years-old. The aircraft’s two engines are made by Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies .


U.S. planemaker McDonnell Douglas, now part of Boeing , stopped producing the MD-80 airliner family in 1999 but it remains in widespread use. According to British consultancy Flightglobal Ascend, there are 482 MD-80 aircraft in operation, many of them in the United States.


“Boeing is aware of the report (on the missing aircraft). We are awaiting additional information,” a spokesman for the planemaker said.


Swiftair has a relatively clean safety record, with five accidents since 1977, two of which caused a total of eight deaths, according to the Washington-based Flight Safety Foundation.


Air Algerie’s last major accident was in 2003 when one of its planes crashed shortly after take-off from the southern city of Tamanrasset, killing 102 people. In February this year, 77 people died when an Algerian military transport plane crashed into a mountain in eastern Algeria.




Air Algerie Flight 5017 reported missing


Published on Jul 24, 2014

One hundred and sixteen people are missing after an Air Algerie flight disappeared from radar. Debora Patta reports from Johannesburg.




House Committee at Odds Over Obama Lawsuit


Published on Jul 24, 2014

Lawmakers from both sides debate the House Rules Committee’s ongoing efforts to pursue a lawsuit against the President. (July 24)






Don’t Think Obama Has Reduced Inequality? These Numbers Prove That He Has.


Today, the average after-tax income of a member of the top 1 percent of earners is $1.12 million. The average after-tax income of someone in the bottom 20 percent is $13,300. That means the average person at the top takes home 84 times the income that the average person in the bottom takes home. Now, consider what it would be like if none of President Obama’s tax policy changes had happened: not the upper-income tax hikes negotiated at the beginning of last year, not the upper-income tax increases imposed by the Affordable Care Act, not the low-income tax credits enacted in the 2009 stimulus and later renewed.


In this alternative universe, the average member of the top 1 percent would take home $1.2 million, or 6.5 percent more in income, according to a new analysis. The average member of the bottom 20 percent would bring home $13,100, or 1.2 percent less in income. As a result, the average member of the 1 percent would take home 91 times what the average person in the bottom would bring home. If you’ve wondered whether Obama has made any headway at reducing income inequality, here’s evidence that he has. Based on tax policy alone, he has slightly increased the income of the poor and more significantly reduced the income of the rich.




That’s according to a new, exclusive analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, conducted at the request of The Washington Post, that compared today’s income distribution with what it would look like if President George W. Bush’s tax policies were still in place.


The new analysis — the first time anyone has published results showing the cumulative impact of Obama’s tax policy on income distribution — is an estimate based on the center’s widely-respected computer model. It makes vividly clear that one of the legacies of Obama’s presidency is a redistribution of income from the rich to the poor.




As you can see in the chart above, the tax code already reduces inequality due to the very fact that it is progressive. Obama’s tax policies reduced inequality further. The gap between the rich and the poor narrowed the most. The gap between the rich and the middle class has also narrowed, albeit slightly. I’ve summarized post- and pre-tax income under the Bush and Obama policies here:




But looking at tax policy is incomplete. In some ways, it overstates the reduction in inequality. In others, it understates it.


First, the overstatement. There’s no question that the tax code does more today than it used to do to reduce inequality. But that is after-tax inequality. To measure overall inequality, you have to think about both pre-tax and after-tax inequality. If the economy is dramatically boosting the incomes of the rich and leaving the incomes of the poor stagnant, then after-tax inequality will widen unless the tax code becomes more progressive.


This is illustrated in the following chart. It graphs the ratio of the average income of the top 1 percent to the average income of the bottom 20 percent over time, based on the Tax Policy Center’s historical tables. The higher the ratio, the more inequality. You see both pre- and post-tax inequality rise from 2004 to 2006, level off as the economy starts to weaken, and fall significantly when the economy enters recession. Inequality starts widening again after the shock of the financial crisis fades and the economy begins to recover.


Read More.



Michelle Obama headlines Chicago fundraiser today


Screenshot (30)


WASHINGTON — First Lady Michelle Obama headlines a fundraiser in hometown Chicago today to benefit the Democratic National Committee and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will be attending.


In June, White House political director David Simas told me the White House plans a sustained effort to help Quinn in his re-election battle with GOP nominee Bruce Rauner.


The event is at the Waldorf Astoria, 11 E. Walton and hosted by Chicagoans Amalia and William Mahoney, top Obama fundraisers for the 2012 re-election campaign.


About 150 are expected. The price points range from $500 to $20,000. The top donors get a photo with Mrs. Obama.


President Barack Obama is raising money for the DNC in Los Angeles today.



New White House White Board

Vice President Biden Has the White Board Marker: Here’s Why We Need to Invest in Our Roads and Bridges


Published on Jul 23, 2014

In this installment of the White House White Board series, Vice President Biden takes the pen and discusses the importance of transportation infrastructure investment in America. Learn more at…


White House White Board: Vice President Biden on Rebuild America






White House Schedule – July 24, 2014


In the morning, the President will attend a DNC event at a private residence in Los Angeles. This event is closed press. 


In the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks on the economy at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. This event is open to pre-credentialed media. 


Later in the afternoon, the President will depart Los Angeles en route Washington, DC. The departure from Los Angeles International Airport is open to pre-credentialed media, and the arrival on the South Lawn is open press.



Thursday, July 24 2014 All Times ET


9:15 AM: The Vice President delivers remarks at the National Urban League’s Annual Conference, Duke Energy Convention Center – Cincinnati.


12:50 PM: The President attends a DNC event. Local Event Time:9:50 AM. Private Residence – Los Angeles.


4:25 PM: The President delivers remarks. Local Event Time:1:25 PM. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.


6:05 PM: The President departs Los Angeles en route Washington, DC. Local Event Time:3:05 PM. Los Angeles International Airport.


10:35 PM: The President arrives Joint Base Andrews, Joint Base Andrews.


10:50 PM: The President arrives the White House, South Lawn.



Speeches and Remarks/Statements and Releases – July 24, 2014


Message to the Congress — Amendment Between the United States and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


FACT SHEET: Increasing Investment in Rural America


Presidential Nominations Sent to the Senate


Readout of the President’s Call with Indonesian President-Elect Widodo


Presidential Nomination Sent to the Senate


President Obama to Deliver Remarks at Young African Leaders Presidential Summit


Remarks by the President at a DNC Event — Los Angeles, California


Remarks by the President at DCCC Luncheon — CA



The 2014 Kids’ State Dinner Slide Show




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You Probably Don’t Know This Word:




You might be seeing the word “inversions” in the news headlines a lot lately. It’s a specific kind of corporate merger deal — but it’s not exactly the most intuitive name for a corporate tax loophole.


So we’re going to break it down for you — because these loopholes could cost taxpayers nearly $20 billion over the next 10 years. And we could instead use this money to rebuild America, by investing in our roads and bridges, equipping our schools with the resources they need, and defending our country at home.


Learn more about “inversions” and how we can do away with them.




Join a Tumblr Q&A on the President’s New Executive Order to Protect LGBT Workers & Expanding Opportunity for the LGBT Community


This week, President Obama signed an Executive Order that prohibits federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. From the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to ending the legal defense of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, the Obama administration has made advancing equality and leveling the playing field for the LGBT community a priority.


On Friday, you’re invited to join a conversation on the new Executive Order and steps the Administration has taken to expand opportunity for the LGBT community. Join Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, for a Tumblr Q&A this Friday, July 25 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Here’s how it works:



  • Follow along on Friday, July 25 at 1:00 p.m. ET, as Valerie Jarrett answers your questions on theWhite House Tumblr


The White House uses platforms like Tumblr to connect with people around the country on the issues they care the most about. Last month, the President joined his first-ever Tumblr Q&Alive from the White House focused on education. We’re excited to continue the White House Tumblr Q&A series this week, so ask away!




What Are “Inversions,” and Why Should You Care?


Today, President Obama is heading to Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where he’s calling for a kind of “economic patriotism” that’s based on investing in the things that we know grow the economy for everyone (like education and job training) — not protecting wasteful loopholes for a few at the top.

And he’s calling attention to one kind of corporate merger deal in particular — called an “inversion” — a word you might be seeing in a lot of news headlines lately.

It’s not the most intuitive name for a corporate tax loophole, so we’re going to break it down for you.


Q: So what exactly is an “inversion”?


A corporate “inversion” is what happens when a U.S.-based multinational with operations in other countries restructures itself so that the U.S. “parent” is replaced by a foreign corporation — and usually one that’s in a country with a lower tax rate than the United States. As a result, on the whole, this means that corporate income tax that would otherwise be paid to the United States ends up going overseas.


In other words, right now, our tax code allows any American company to merge with a foreign company (so long as that company’s shareholders own 20% of the combined firm) — and then “relocate” or “invert” to another country for tax purposes. This maneuver — which changes nothing about the actual operations that continue in the U.S. — allows companies to dramatically reduce the taxes they owe in the U.S. by taking advantage of loopholes in our tax system.


Meanwhile, they would continue enjoying the benefits and protections of the American economy — provided by our tax dollars. It’s a big loophole — and right now, it’s completely legal.


Read More.



The “80/20 Rule” Is Saving Americans a Lot of Money. But What Exactly Is It?


Chances are you’ve heard of the Affordable Care Act – President Obama’s landmark health reform law that’s holding insurance companies accountable, lowering health care costs, giving Americans more freedom and control in their health care choices, and improving the quality of care.

One part of the act that you may not be as familiar with, however, is the “80/20 rule” – also known as the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rule – which went into effect in 2011.

The rule generally requires health insurance companies in the individual and small group markets to spend at least 80% of the premium dollars they collect on medical care or activities to improve health care quality. And that increases to 85% for insurance companies in the large group market.

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services released some new numbers showing just how much this rule has saved consumers over the last few years.



Americans are getting big refunds.

Insurance companies that don’t meet or exceed the 80% (or 85%) standard have to pay their enrollees refunds to make up the difference. Since the 80/20 rule went into effect in 2011, individual and employer plan enrollees have received, or will receive, more than $1.9 billion in refunds.

This year alone, 6.8 million consumers across the country will get more than $330 million in refunds, with an average refund of $80 per family.

They’re also paying lower premiums.

While refunds serve as a stopgap measure to ensure that consumers receive the required value for their premium dollars, consumers are also saving money upfront because insurance companies are charging lower premiums and operating more efficiently under the 80/20 rule and other health care reforms.

In fact, without the 80/20 rule and other reforms, consumers would have likely paid anestimated $9 billion more in premiums since 2011.

That’s right. $9 billion.

Insurance companies are more efficient.

Another way to measure the value for consumers is to look at how insurance companies are spending money on expenses other than medical claims and quality improvement activities. A smaller portion of premium dollars directed to administrative costs and profit means that consumers are receiving a higher return on their premium dollars.

Since the 80/20 rule was introduced, the percent of premium dollars going toward administrative costs and profit has dropped in all markets. The largest decline is in the individual market, where profits and overhead spending as a percent of premium dropped from 15.3% in 2011 to 11.7% in 2013.

To put it very plainly: The Affordable Care Act – and the 80/20 rule in particular – is still saving Americans money.







It’s Raining Videos™ During The Twitter Storm™


It's Raining Videos™

It’s Raining Videos™

US concerned over use of Russian rockets


Published on Jul 23, 2014

The Atlas V rocket is heavily used by the US for defense and reconnaissance projects, and relies on a Russian-made engine. Many are coming to view this, however, as a national security liability. As the relations between the US and Russia continue to sour, renewed calls are coming from Washington to revamp the defense industry to use more American-made parts. RT’s Manila Chan learns more about the topic by speaking with Marco Caceres, director of space studies for the Teal Group.




American Flags Replaced With White Flags On The Brooklyn Bridge


Published on Jul 23, 2014

“Who swapped out two big American flags flying over the Brooklyn Bridge towers with Old Glories that had been bleached white? And, more important, why?


But a more pressing concern was how did the overnight caper happen right under the noses of the NYPD on one of the city’s most heavily guarded and constantly watched landmarks?”




VP Joe Biden denounces laws restricting voting rights annual NAACP convention


Published on Jul 23, 2014

Vice President Biden spoke out against voting restrictions during his speech at the annual NAACP convention in Las Vegas on Wednesday. – LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies “Please…. Remember Our Homeless, Hospitalized & Disabled Veterans & Fallen Heroes! Thank You….America!”




Ariz. Inmate Dies 2 Hours After Execution Began


Published on Jul 23, 2014

A condemned Arizona inmate gasped and snorted for more than an hour and a half during his execution Wednesday before he died in an episode sure to add to the scrutiny surrounding the death penalty in the U.S. (July 23)



Governor Jan Brewer should be strapped into the death machine of choose to test it, before humans are executed.



PBS News Hour Full Episode | Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Published on Jul 23, 2014

Wednesday on the NewsHour, Secretary of State John Kerry shuttled between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, attempting to broker a cease-fire. Also: a look at the Georgia race that will help decide who controls the Senate, what a fly’s brain can tell us about our own minds, stricter rules for trains carrying crude oil and the fate of the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls, missing for 100 days.




Is Israeli Public Opinion Turning After 700 Palestinian Deaths?


Published on Jul 23, 2014

Israel-based TRNN correspondent Lia Tarachansky reports on the mood in Israel in the wake of a rising Palestinian death toll




Breakdown, breakup, breakthrough – The gift of tough times: Tara Igoe at TEDxLaJolla


Published on Jul 23, 2014

Tara Igoe (pron. I-go) loves to learn and grow and believes her life’s purpose is to have the courage to face herself, follow her truth, and operate from love not fear – no pressure, Tara. When she is not pondering her existence, Tara is a tenured communications expert and personal/professional development coach and has worked with top companies, nonprofit organizations as well as leading experts in personal development, medicine, sports, and fitness. Tara is also a skilled comedic performer, speaker and storyteller who has appeared at top comedy and improv venues including The Comedy Store, The Improv, and Upright Citizens Brigade. She loves shares her expertise, personal stories and insights to help herself and others.




Bloomberg Goes Off on Blitzer for ‘Insulting’ Israel Question


Published on Jul 23, 2014

CNN Wolf Blitzer Interviews former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg over his decision to travel to Israel in protest of the FAA ban on travel from all U.S. carriers: “Don’t be ridiculous! Why would you think that? It’s an outrage to accuse one of our agencies—-by asking the question, you’re implying our government does things for political reasons, and maybe everyone once in a while they do it, but it’s your job to prove it. Just the allegation against our government, I personally take as an offense.”



Does Michael Bloomberg believe himself to be relevant and vital to the discussion of Israeli Zionist murders versus Hamas murders?



RT stringer Graham Phillips goes missing in Ukraine


Published on Jul 23, 2014

British national and RT freelance journalist Graham Phillips is missing in Eastern Ukraine along with a colleague from ANNA News. The last contact with Phillips was reportedly near the airport in Donetsk around 11 PM local time, and ANNA News told RT they believe the Ukrainian military may have Graham and their own journalist in custody. RT’s Irina Galushko has more details on the situation.





















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TheObamaCrat Wake-Up Call™ For HuMpDaY The 16th Of July: House Democrats. Congressional Hispanic Caucus . Tribal Leaders Climate Task Force.











President Barack Obama’s meetings on Wednesday are with House Democrats, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and appointees to his State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Climate Task Force on Preparedness and Resilience.


White House Schedule – July 16, 2014


Office of the Press Secretary
HuMpDaY July 16th, 2014


HUMPDAY, JULY 16th, 2014


In the morning, the President and Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.


In the afternoon, the President will meet with his State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Climate Task Force on Preparedness and Resilience. The President will provide remarks and engage in a discussion with Task Force members about a series of new actions the Administration is taking to support state, local, and tribal leaders in preparing their communities, including electricity systems and infrastructure, for the impacts of climate change. There will be a pool spray at the top of this meeting in the State Dining Room.


Later in the afternoon, the President and Vice President will meet with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. This meeting is an opportunity to hear from members of the Caucus about ideas for actions to improve our immigration system. The President will also emphasize the urgency for Congress to approve supplemental funding to address the situation at the Southwest border. This meeting is closed press.


In the evening, the President and Vice President will meet with House Democrats on the State Floor. This meeting is closed press.





Wednesday, July 16 2014  All Times ET


10:30 AM: THE PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing, Oval Office.



12:45 PM: The Vice President delivers remarks at Generation Progress’s 2014 Make Progress National Summit, JW Marriot – Washington.



1:00 PM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest, The Brady Press Briefing Room.



2:15 PM: THE PRESIDENT meets with his State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Climate Task Force on Preparedness and Resilience, State Dining Room.



2:15 p.m. ET, First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver the keynote address at the Unite for Veterans Summit in Los Angeles.



3:50 PM: THE PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT meet with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Eisenhower Executive Office Building.



5:10 PM: THE PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT meet with House Democrats, The State Floor.






White House Live


Next Up…


July 16, 2014 12:45 PM EDT

Vice President Biden Speaks to Generation Progress Summit

Washington, DC,  White House LIVE Streaming




July 16, 2014 1:00 PM EDT

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest

The White House,  White House LIVE Streaming





Tune In: The First Lady Speaks at the Unite for Veterans Summit



Today at 2:15 p.m. ET, First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver the keynote address at the Unite for Veterans Summit in Los Angeles, an event hosted by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the University of Southern California.


As part of the Joining Forces Initiative, the First Lady is teaming up with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to highlight the importance of aiding veterans as they transition into the next phase of their lives. Mayor Garcetti has joined the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness by the end of 2015.



Unite for Veterans


Started on Jul 15, 2014

Unite for Veterans will bring together key business and civic
leaders, agencies and community stakeholders to highlight the scalable best practices in employment, housing and other human services to provide veterans with a fulfilling life after military service.






Welcoming Congressional Action on Key National Security Tools



Today, Congress took an important step forward in making sure that we’re developing the capabilities necessary to make America safer.


As the President’s Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor, I welcome the Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee markup of the FY 2015 Defense Appropriations Act. Its ultimate passage would allow us to move forward on a number of priority national security initiatives, including the Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund (CTPF).


As President Obama announced during his West Point speech in May, this new fund will help us take the fight to terrorist organizations by strengthening the capacity of our friends on the frontlines. The CTPF presents a new, sustainable model for strategic engagement with our partners from South Asia to the Sahel. Because today’s principal terrorist threats no longer emanate from al-Qa’ida central leadership but from an evolving and decentralized set of actors, we need the flexibility to develop tailored regional solutions to terrorist groups that pose the greatest threat to the United States, wherever they are located.


These funds would allow us to train, equip, advise, and operationally enable our partners to counter them — ultimately leading us to rely less on U.S. forces and more on our frontline allies. The CTPF would also support long-term security sector and governance initiatives, because we know that our counterterrorism success over the long run ultimately depends on partnering with and developing professional and accountable security forces and supporting institutions.


I also applaud the inclusion of new authorities related to Syria that would allow us to more effectively partner with appropriately vetted members of the moderate Syrian armed opposition. Importantly, this train and equip mission could help us to better protect Syrian civilians, pressure the regime, and counter terrorist threats emanating from the country’s contested and ungoverned areas — including from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


In a turbulent and uncertain world, the Senate today took an important step forward in providing vital tools to help our military and counterterrorism professionals confront this challenge.


















July 15 Senate GOP Leadership Press Conference


Published on Jul 16, 2014

Senate GOP leaders discussed the crisis at the Southern border, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and Speaker John A. Boehner’s proposed lawsuit of President Barack Obama at their weekly news conference on July 15.



“GOP Leadership” is an oxy-moron. Much like “Jumbo Shrimp or “Military Intelligence.”



Cycles of Violence With Gaza Rooted in Israel’s Rejection of Palestinian Unity


Published on Jul 16, 2014

TRNN Middle East correspondent Lia Tarachansky discusses Operation Protective Edge after Hamas rejected the Egyptian ceasefire proposal




Israel warns Gaza residents to leave


Published on Jul 16, 2014

Airstrikes in Israel and Gaza continued overnight, with the death toll rising. CNN’s Karl Penhaul has more.





Speeches and Remarks/Statements and Releases- July 16th, 2014


Remarks by the President on the Economy — McLean, VA


FACT SHEET: Taking Action to Support State, Local, and Tribal Leaders as They Prepare Communities for the Impacts of Climate Change


Readout of the Vice President’s Call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko


Readout of the President’s Call with Chancellor Merkel of Germany


Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call with Iraqi Council of Representatives Speaker Salim al-Jabouri


Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras


President Obama Announces Members of the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations


FACT SHEET: Progress in Four Years of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy


Readout of the Obama Administration’s Meeting with Members of Congress and their Constituents on Promoting Exports






TheObamaCrat SoapBox™: Immigration.


Dr. Jill Biden’s 2014 Trip To Africa: Official White House Photos.


Everytown For Gun Safety: Urge Your Senators To Help Save Women’s Lives.


The U.S. ★ Africa Leaders Summit: August 4th – 6th, 2014, Washington, D.C.


The President Speaks On The Economy: Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center In McLean, Virginia.



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The Last 24™











President Obama Hosts an Iftar Dinner


Screenshot (11)


Published on Jul 14, 2014

President Obama hosts an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan in the State Dining Room. This is the sixth Iftar that President Obama has hosted, continuing the tradition of hosting Iftars that began annually under President Clinton and was continued by President George W. Bush. The invited guests include elected officials, religious and grassroots leaders in the Muslim American community, and leaders of diverse faiths and members of the diplomatic corps. July 14, 2014.



Statements and Releases – July 14th, 2014


ADVISORY: President Obama to Award the Medal of Honor


Presidential Nominations Sent to the Senate


President Obama Signs Iowa Disaster Declaration


White House Report: Economic Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure Investment






The First-Ever White House Summit on American Apprenticeship



President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker tour a classroom at the Community College of Allegheny County West Hills Center in Oakdale, Pa.President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker tour a classroom at the Community College of Allegheny County West Hills Center in Oakdale, Pa., April 16, 2014. Students Zach Kuzma and Stephanie Womack demonstrate equipment that teaches students how to manipulate gears, pulleys, sprockets, etc. to adjust the speed and/or torque of a motor or system. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)


To create new opportunities for more hard-working Americans, the President and his team are committed to advancing job-driven training initiatives that help American workers acquire the skills they need to succeed in good jobs that are available now. Expanding quality apprenticeship is a key strategy to make education and training programs more job-driven.


As part of that effort, today, we hosted the first-ever White House Summit on American Apprenticeship to gather the best ideas and to catalyze action to dramatically increase apprenticeship in America. More than 60 attendees presented their ideas — including leading employers, big and small, like IBM, Bank of America, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Oberg Industries; labor unions like the IBEW and SEIU; training providers like Ivy Tech and Lone Star Community Colleges; and local workforce leaders from states as diverse as Pennsylvania and South Carolina.


Read More.






With less than a month to go until the start of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., we’re excited to announce the launch of the Summit’s official website, which you can access here. As the site describes, the Summit constitutes the largest single engagement by any U.S. President with Africa.


Starting on August 4 and with events spanning three days, it will include approximately 50 African heads of state and government as well as the Chairperson of the African Union, a range of U.S. and African civil society and business leaders, young African leaders, and Members of Congress. The presence of so many African leaders in the nation’s capital provides an historic opportunity to further strengthen ties with our African partners and highlight America’s longstanding commitment to investing in Africa’s development and its people.


In addition to the website, which will be continuously updated as the Summit nears, we invite you to follow the Summit on Twitter using the hashtag #AfricaSummit.


These online tools will offer an opportunity for broader dialogue as we prepare for this unprecedented engagement with one of the world’s most dynamic regions.


Read More.


The U.S. ★ Africa Leaders Summit: August 4th – 6th, 2014, Washington, D.C.


Screenshot (8)




7/14/14: White House Press Briefing


Screenshot (12)


Published on Jul 14, 2014

White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing.






Eric Holder: America is STILL a Nation of Cowards


Published on Jul 14, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder discusses racism is America




Eric Holder Paints Grim Picture Of Race Relations In America


Published on May 19, 2014

Attorney general: ‘segregation has reoccurred.’




Racism directed at the President


Published on Jul 14, 2014

Paul Begala brings up some of the racism the President has had to endure, Newt Gingrich, Tim Phillips and Neera Tanden debate.




PBS News Hour Monday, July 14, 2014


Published on Jul 14, 2014

Monday on the NewsHour, Citigroup agreed to pay a record fine for selling risky mortgage securities. Also: Hamas launched a drone in the midst of chaos in the Middle East, fighting flares along the Russia-Ukraine border, British comedian John Oliver on turning news into comedy, reflecting on the impact of the 2014 World Cup and remembering the Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer.




Malala Dedicates Day to Captured Nigerian Girls


Published on Jul 14, 2014

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A Pakistani teenager who escaped a Taliban assasination attempt is spending her 17th birthday in Nigeria in an effort to aid the release of 219 schoolgirls held by militant extremists. (July 14)




Remembering writer and activist Nadine Gordimer


Published on Jul 14, 2014

Nadine Gordimer has died at the age of 90 at her home in Johannesburg. The Nobel Prize-winning writer and anti-apartheid activist used her pen to write damning indictments of South Africa’s racial segregation. We look back at Charlayne Hunter-Gault’s 1987 interview with Gordimer about the prospect of having another book banned by the government.




President Obama Walks the Streets of Denver


Published on Jul 14, 2014

President Barack Obama – aka “The Bear” – got loose for a night in Colorado and stopped at a couple of bars and a pizza shop.
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Delivering Nearly 2.4 Million “Not One More” Postcards


Published on Jul 14, 2014

More than 600,000 supporters like you have helped spread Richard Martinez’s message to elected officials: Not One More person should have to die because leaders in Washington refuse to pass common-sense gun laws. Now Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action have set out to delivery them. Watch and share this powerful video!




WHO CARES – CNN Panel over Eric Holder Responding to Palin on Impeaching Obama




Kristol, Navarro: ‘Nobody of Relevance’ Is Talking Impeachment


Published on Jul 13, 2014

In an on-air subtweeting Sarah Palin, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and GOP strategist Ana Navarro dismissed the talk of impeaching President Barack Obama bubbling up on the right, arguing that it was limited to the irrelevant fringes, while GOP leadership is focused on House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) lawsuit against the president.


“No responsible elected official has called for impeachment,” Kristol said. “The Republican task is to elect a Republican Senate and elect a Republican president in 2016, not create a phony issue which allows Democrats to make Republicans look extreme.”


“Nobody of responsibility, nobody in leadership, nobody of relevance has talked about impeachment,” Navarro said. “The lawsuit is about constitutional powers and separation of powers. So can we stick to talking about what people who actually can make something happen say, as opposed to what what folks who want to make headlines say?”


Besides, Kristol added, “One problem with [impeachment] is you’d just get Joe Biden as president.”




Study: Kids of same-sex parents happier


Published on Jul 14, 2014

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with human behavior expert Mel Robbins about children raised by same-sex couples.




Moms With Guns Founder’s Disgusting Obama Facebook Post


Published on Jul 14, 2014

“Sharing a photo on her Facebook page of President Obama’s recent visit to Texas, the founder of the Moms With Guns website commented on the photo, stating: “Where is an assasin (sic) when you need one?”


The post has since been taken down and the Moms With Guns Facebook account has been closed by founder Kathy Perkins, but not before Liberaland was able to save a screen capture.”




Who is the Unsung Hero of the $7 Billion Citigroup Settlement?


Published on Jul 14, 2014

Bill Black says that a just settlement would’ve included criminal prosecution of senior Citigroup officials who led the fraud and covered it up






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