#UniteBlue: Whats It All About And How To Get Involved

By Jueseppi B.







Awhile ago I started seeing the above logo appearing all over Twitter AVI’s attached to Twitter users accounts. I was curious, and wanted to ask what this logo meant and what exactly it was all about. I got sidetracked and busy blogging and soon forgot all about this curiosity.


Recently I met a like minded Tweep on Twitter and she hooked me into what the logo meant and how it protected us like minded Liberals from an ongoing attack from “The TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist Reich Wing GOPretender Conselfishservative NRAsshole-Gun Loving Nut Bag racist white supremacist caucasian Party members” who were using Twitter to silence our collective voices.


Here is the rundown as it has been explained to me:


Racist GOPretender, Todd Kincannon, a former top GOP official in South Carolina, wants to silence any and all Liberal/Left leaning Twitter accounts, and that accounts user, by reporting them as spam. They block us Liberals by using a “SpamBlocker” option to get all Liberal‘s Twitter accounts suspended.


To counteract this chickenshit attempt at stopping the Left from being heard on Twittwr, Mr. Zach Green, who is the founder of UniteBlue.com and the CEO of 140elect, created #UniteBlue. #UniteBlue is a campaign to combat the “SpamBlocking” of Twitter accounts used by Liberals. To “SpamBlock” a Twitter account with under 3000 followers, all Todd Kincannon’s group of thugs had to do was report you once as a spam account. Twitter would suspend that account for as long as Twitter saw fit.


If your Twitter account is over 3000 followers, it then takes a lot more ( A LOT MORE)  spam reports to block a Twitter account. Mr. Zack Green came up with the idea to build a Liberal community by adding the #UniteBlue logo to your Twitter AVI (photo) and this way we could readily identify all who were of a like mind and band together to follow one another to drive our Liberal follow numbers up over 3000, which would make it unnecessary for a Todd Kincannon groupie to report that Twitter account, as spam, thus avoiding suspension, and silencing another Liberal voice.



Here’s the official UniteBlue.com mission statement:





Who am I? Why am I here?

The Left has been energized, now they need to get organized. Strong relationships are the foundation of grassroots organizing. Yet finding fellow progressives who are truly interesting and engaged is a difficult process on Twitter. It’s easy to find national voices, television personalities, and celebrities. But what about real people organizing for collective action in their communities? Even more difficult: finding people near you. We’ve been asked again and again, how do I find supporters in my state? If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s this: listen to the people and give them what they want.



How does the site work?

When you log into UniteBlue, we look up all of the accounts you follow on Twitter. We then present a suggested list of Twitter accounts that you are not already following. You can select the accounts you want to follow, up to 50 a day in the current version, and then ask us to follow them for you. You can also find Twitter accounts by state to follow.



Where do all the Twitter accounts displayed on the site come from? Will you be adding to this list?

We use a set of advanced heuristics and artificial intelligence techniques to scan the Twittersphere for the most politically active accounts on the left. We then rank them based on a sophisticated algorithm involving their account statistics, following and tweeting patterns, and words they use to describe themselves. To make sure the people we select are really on the political left, we then review all of the accounts by hand. The result isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty impressive. We believe this is the largest and most carefully selected list of progressives and Democrats available for Twitter. We’re not stopping here, however. We have an ongoing program to grow this list on a regular basis. We think we can add people faster than you can follow them.



How do you order the suggested follows, and what is that number in blue on everyone’s avatar?

Our goal is to increase the visibility of the most effective tweeters for the left. To make that possible we have created our own ranking system for progressives and Democrats that we call BlueRank. This measurement sorts suggested follows on a range of numbers that include how often they retweet Democratic incumbents, and the number of left political hashtags they use in tweets. BlueRank is a percentile rank, meaning that a score of 100 is in the top 1% of all the accounts we track, and a score of 50 is about average. Each account’s avatar has its BlueRank displayed in the lower left corner in blue. If you hover your cursor over a suggested follow account, you will see a breakdown of all the factors used to calculate that user’s BlueRank. Really geeky, social media types can get more details on this ranking system.



Is this site free? Will there be a paid version with more features?

The current version of UniteBlue.com is completely free and a robust set of features will remain free forever. We have a lot of enhancements planned for the future, and some of those new features will require a very fair payment. Follow our Twitter account for updates on site improvements.



This is really cool. Can you provide a custom version of these tools for my political campaign or non-profit?

We sure can. As long as your politics leans left, we’re eager to help out. You can find details about our campaign services on Zach’s blog, 140elect.com.



How can I contact you directly?

Zach Green is the founder of UniteBlue.com and the CEO of 140elect. You can reach him at uniteblue@gmail.com.





by ZACH GREEN on MAY 10, 2012



Welcome to our guide to effective political tweeting, with real examples from the 2012 election. The secrets revealed here will help you write tweets that motivate thousands of people to become active supporters and spread your message. Whether you’re an activist, part of a campaign or non-profit, or a reporter, this blog will be your guide to political activism and campaigns on Twitter. We keep adding to this list, so bookmark this page and watch this space, or subscribe to our RSS feed. If you need help putting these secrets to work for your campaign, check out our consulting services page or contact us.



  1. Understand the power of 140 characters.
  2. Sound like a human. Be succinct & funny.
  3. Limit Tweets to a single idea.
  4. Avoid status updates.
  5. Each Tweet must stand alone.
  6. Use between 85-130 characters.
  7. Don’t start public tweets with “@”.
  8. Give them something good to Tweet.
  9. Give them something to retweet.
  10. Measure twice, Tweet once.
  11. Never use more than one link per tweet.
  12. Parody accounts are caricatures.
  13. Host Twitter events on your website.
  14. Use retweet count to test messaging.
  15. Maximize reach on Mondays and Fridays.
  16. Tweet between 10-7 PM EST.
  17. Use #FollowFriday to show recognition.
  18. Don’t Tweet like teenagers text.
  19. Promote Tweets to combat parodies.
  20. Prepare new account launches early.
  21. Don’t feed the Trolls, just Block.
  22. Hashtags will be co-opted.
  23. Twitter Trends favor novelty over popularity.
  24. Plan a Twitterbomb at a set time.
  25. Use Direct Messages to spark Twitterbombs.
  26. Do not engage #TGDN accounts.



Since the end of 2010 we have been involved with every aspect of the presidential election on Twitter.  In the coming weeks we will be launching a new project that makes it possible to find, follow, and connect with Democrats locally.



This is a grass roots campaign to Unite Blue minded people all over America, starting with Twitter. Remember…#UniteBlue.





























20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made My Life Better

By Jueseppi B.






20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made My Life Better


Reblogged from the Addicting Info Cross posted with permission from RethinkFuture. Written by Uzair Qadeer


Each of the statements below reference factual numbers, actual legislation, or true data. None of this is my opinion, all of this can be easily validated.



1. Since 1932, Democratic Presidents have created 73.4 million new jobs, Republicans have created only 34.8 million. Thus, Democrats created more jobs lifting my standard of living. (Source: International Business Times | Bloomberg)


2. Democrats got my mother, sister, and all other women a right to vote by fighting the GOP for 7 years (Source: Woodrow Wilson 1912-1919). Even 100 years later, Democrats fight Republicans as they introduced a law in Wisconsin that would criminalize single mothers. (Source 1 | Forbes)



3. Land Grant Institution funding triggered under Great Society Programs lifted me and many of my friends from lower middle class to upper earning brackets through affordable college education. (Sources: Colorado University | US History | Wikipedia)



4. Democrats got me a right to get married to the person I love while GOP made constitutional bans for same-sex marriage in almost all GOP controlled states. (Source: HRC Housing | Employment | Hospital Visitation)



5. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Programs created “Work Study” which enabled me to work 20-hours a week in addition to classes to pay towards my college tuition and make a life for myself. (Sources: Colorado University | US History | Wikipedia)



6. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Programs created Pell Grants, which helped me and millions of other people complete college education and go on to create new businesses and opportunities for ourselves and others. (Sources: Colorado University | US History | Wikipedia)



7. Democratic President Barack Obama repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to empower me and other LGBT Americans to serve our country with self-respect and dignity, unifying our nation. (Source: White House)



8. While GOP governments have legislation in 12 states to ban Islamic faith called Sharia, Democrats created a nation where people of all faiths can freely practice under our first amendment right by never introducing legislation to ban an established faith. (Source: MSNBC)



9. In last 70 years GDP rose 12.6% under Democrats versus a GOP increase of 10.7%. From 1960 to 2012 the gross domestic product measured in dollars rose an average of $165 billion a year under Republican presidents and $212 billion a year under Democrats. Thus, Democrats made this nation more prosperous. (Source: Washington Post)



10. The Bayh-Dole Act, passed by a Democratic House and Senate and signed by Jimmy Carter, has created 5000 companies including Google. It created millions of jobs for me and my fellow citizens. (Source: Act | Wiki Information)



11. Democrats in 1967 legalized interracial marriage across the US, giving me and my friends a chance to find and marry the best person for us irrespective of race. The GOP opposed it. (Source: Wikipedia)



12. Democrats created anti-discrimination laws under Great Society Programs that protect me, and millions of other Americans from being denied housing, jobs, or other services on the grounds of race. The GOP opposed it. (Sources: Colorado University | US History | Wikipedia)



13. Lyndon Johnson enacted a massive expansion of Social Security (also created by a democratic, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) and Medicare so older Americans that have worked hard and spent their lives making this nation great are not left alone in the dark. One day, I will also take advantage of such programs. (Sources: Colorado University | US History | Wikipedia)



14. Democrats created Medicaid under Great Society Programs to help enhance healthcare access for men, women, and children who otherwise couldn’t afford it. The GOP still wants to dissolve it. (Sources: Colorado University | US History | Wikipedia)



15. Democratic Presidents hold the record for all of the following:

  • Greatest gross domestic product (GDP) growth: Clinton
  • Biggest jobs increase: Truman
  • Best after-tax personal disposable income rise: Carter
  • Highest industrial production growth: Johnson
  • The lowest Misery Index, which is inflation plus unemployment: Kennedy
  • The lowest inflation: Truman
  • The largest federal budget deficit reduction: Clinton

Each one of the above made this country a stronger and larger economy to make all Americans more prosperous. (Source: Washington Post)



16. Democrats spend far less; spending breaks down as $35 billion a year under Democratic presidents and $60 billion under Republicans on average. If you assume that it takes a year for a president’s policies to take effect, Democrats have raised spending by $40 billion a year and Republicans by $55 billion. Thus, the GOP is more responsible for the debt that we have amassed, lowering our credit rating. (Source: Washington Post)



17. While giving people of faith a full free choice to do what they deem fit, Democrats made access to birth control available to all women so those suffering from PCOS, ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, and hormonal disorders can save their lives by using it. The GOP still fights that. This made lives of people close to me better. (Source: Detailed Affordable Care Act | Graphic | Related Blog)



18. Democrats have created anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBT individuals from being denied housing or jobs based on their sexual orientation which is similar to providing protection for people who choose to affiliate with a certain religion of their choice. This has created an America where my friends and I can thrive based on our work not our race, religion, or sexual orientation. 31 GOP states have still refused to follow this trend enacted in 19 liberal states to protect LGBT Americans in a diversity bucket. (Source: HRC Housing | Employment | Hospital Visitation | State Laws |Interactive)



19. Out of 18 states that produce more wealth than what they take in from the Federal Government, 16 are liberal, one swing (FL), and only one Republican (TX). On the other hand, of 32 states that take in more money than what they produce, aka welfare states, 4 (MD, ME, HI, VT) are liberal, one swing (PA), and an astonishing 27 are full-out conservative. (Link) Thus Democratic legislature and fiscal policies have created a better living environment for me, conservative legislatures have failed to do the same for its loyal base. (Source: Tax Foundation)



20. A Democratic legislature and President Obama in 2010 enacted HealthCare Reform that eliminates discrimination for insurance against people with preexisting conditions, prevents women from being charged twice as much, makes preventative care available, enables young adults to stay on their parents plan till 26, and removes lifetime caps to make sure that children born with serious conditions are not left out to die. The beauty of this was that the reform is not a government takeover, relies on private insurance, and expands coverage for all my fellow citizens making all of our lives better. (Source: Lifetime Caps | Women Pay More | Detailed Affordable Care Act |Graphic)



Now, take just 5 minutes. Imagine an America where only one religion dictates the law of the land like Rick Santorum suggests. Where things like the Patriot Act and Guantanamo Bay-style camps that enable no right to fair trial are created. LGBT Americans cannot only not serve in the military but have their children confiscated. Women cannot vote. Blacks cannot marry whites. You can be fired for being Hispanic. Muslims cannot worship freely. There are no Pell Grants to put your child through school. There is no Medicare for your parents.


There is a government that spends twice as much on average ($60B vs. $35B) and creates half as many jobs (73.4MM vs 34.8MM). Imagine it… having trouble? It is called Iran. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Saudi Arabia. It is called America without Democratic Presidents and their legislation. Take away all what Democrats have achieved in last 100 years and you will get an America not too different from places you fear the most.


America, wake up. Facts are staring right at you. Wake up!



“Disagree Intelligently, Use The Facts & Truth™”




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