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I have been quiet during this entire immigration issue in The United States Of AmeriKKKa, basically because it’s an embarrassment to watch fellow Americans act so dumbass about a land their forefathers murdered to steal, then claim as their own.


Jon Stewart Rips Republican Paranoia Over Refugee Children




I listened to a news report this morning that told me the Governor of the state I vote in, Iowa, has made a public statement that immigrant children are NOT welcome in “His” state of Iowa.


Just sit back and read along……


Terry Edward Branstad (born November 17, 1946) is an American politician who is the 42nd Governor of Iowa, in office since January 2011. Branstad was also the 39th Governor of Iowa from 1983 to 1999, and he was President of Des Moines University from 2003 to 2009. He is a member of the Republican Party. Branstad is the longest-serving governor in Iowa history, and the second-longest serving governor in U.S. history.


In his 2010 political comeback, Branstad won a three-way primary election for the Republican nomination to run for governor in the general election. He faced incumbent Governor Chet Culver, a Democrat, and four third party candidates on November 2, 2010. He won the general election in November, defeating Culver by 52.9% to 43.1%.


Branstad entered the 2010 race as the front runner for both the primary and general elections. Independent polling in 2009 indicated that his approval ratings hovered in the 70% range. He was widely seen as the front runner for the Republican nomination, and had wide leads in aggregate polling against the scandal-ravaged Governor Culver. He won the Republican primary with 50.4% of the popular vote, 9.5 percentage points ahead of his nearest competitor.


On January 15, 2014, Branstad officially launched his re-election campaign for what would be an unprecedented sixth four-year term as Iowa governor, which would also make him the longest-serving governor in U.S. history (breaking the record held by George Clinton of New York, who served 21 years from 1777 to 1795, and from 1801 to 1804).


Now I know the above stuff is boring, but here is where it gets interesting………


Early life

Born to a Norwegian-American Lutheran farming family in Leland, Iowa, Branstad received his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and his law degree from Drake University Law School.  After getting his undergraduate degree, he was drafted and served in the United States Army from 1969 to 1971, serving as an MP (Military Police), and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service; he once recalled that he arrested actress Jane Fonda for coming onto post at Arlington National Cemetery, where she was planning to attend an anti-war protest. In 1989, he was named an honorary member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity at Iowa State University.


Allow me to repeat that, in case you missed the facts…..Born to a Norwegian-American Lutheran farming family in Leland, Iowa. Mr. Branstad is himself an immigrant based on the fact that his parents were/are Norwegian, as were his grandparents. The name Branstad is NOT Native Americans, so Mr. Branstad himself is an immigrant.


As the opening graphic states, unless your heritage, culture or lineage is Native American, YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT.


One doesn’t even have to learn the history of America during the systematic slaughter and incarceration of the Native American people to know America is NOT the home of the brave or the land of the free…..unless you happen to be wealthy, caucasian and male. America and Americans raped, killed, slaughtered, murdered and enslaved an entire culture to acquire this land that current day protesters claim as “their land.”


These disgusting asshats who wrap themselves in the American flag, are themselves immigrants.


Protesters Block Buses Carrying Illegal Immigrants Into California


Published on Jul 2, 2014

California Protesters Surround Border Patrol Station Over Over Surge Of Illegal Immigrants








Native American Shuts Down Immigration Protest


Published on Feb 10, 2013

“A Native American man criticized protesters at an Arizona rally against illegal immigration, calling them the real “illegals” for invading his country and killing Native Americans when Europeans first settled on US soil.


“You’re all f*cking illegal. You’re all illegal,” the Native American man yelled at the protesters, who had gathered in Tucson, Arizona to demonstrate their opposition to illegal immigration by Central and South Americans. “We didn’t invite none of you here. We’re the only native Americans here.”*


A Native American man protested an anti illegal immigrant protest in Arizona by pointing out the protestors hypocrisy. “Get on with your bogus arguments. We’re the only legal ones here.”




‘You’re all illegal!’ Native American confronts ‘anti-illegal immigration’ protesters


Published on Feb 7, 2013

Native American confronts ‘anti-illegal immigration .




Murrieta Immigration Rally black americans debating July 4th


Published on Jul 7, 2014

A group of black Americans speak out in Support of protecting our women and children in America before worrying about the rest of the world (Raw News Video Unedited). This occurred at the Murrieta California Border Patrol Station July 4th, 2014. Debate starts around the 1:40 mark in the video. Language not approvable for younger children. Their are people chanting trying to drown out all debate and discussion. Reporter Ernie White.







Have AmeriKKKans lost their minds? Have Black Americans become the new “House Negros” Malcolm X warned us about, beggin for table scraps from massa’s table for recognition & acceptance? Black Americans should be the very last race of humans agreeing with dumbass caucasians on immigration issues. Have you new-age Negroes forgotten from whence YOUR ancestors came?


This scenario is a made for TV movie straight from the land of irony…..

Screaming, frothing at the mouth, flag waving AmeriKKKan immigration protesters standing in front of buses that contain groups of undocumented “CHILDREN” as the buses attempt to deliver these “CHILDREN” to immigration reception centers. The signs saying , “go home”, “we don’t want you here”, “this is OUR land.” Do you see the irony? Do you see the dumbfuckery?


Just to be clear, so there is no misunderstanding……







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Michael Dunn’s Sentencing Hearing May Be Delayed.


By Jueseppi B.




From Associated Press:


Michael Dunn‘s sentencing hearing in loud music killing delayed


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man convicted of attempted murder in a confrontation over loud music will have to wait until at least Friday to see if a judge sentences him or waits until after the 47-year-old software developer’s retrial on first-degree murder.


Jurors deadlocked last month on the murder charge against Michael Dunn in the shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis outside a Jacksonville convenience store. Prosecutors have vowed to retry him on the count.


Dunn could face a maximum of 60 years in prison for the charges on which he already has been convicted.


The South Patrick Shores resident worked in Vero Beach as vice president at Dunn & Dunn Data Systems.


Dunn’s attorney on Monday asked that sentencing be postponed until after the second trial. Defense attorney Cory Strolla says he is concerned that statements Dunn makes at a sentencing hearing could be used against him in his second trial.


Strolla also said he is stepping down as Dunn’s attorney and asked Judge Russell Healey to appoint public defenders.


Healey, an interim circuit judge, said he has never come across a case with similar circumstances in 150 trials.


“I’ve never had a hung jury,” Healey said at Monday’s hearing.


A mistrial was declared on the murder charge after jurors deliberated for four days. The 12 jurors found him guilty of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and a count of firing into an occupied car.


Dunn was charged with fatally shooting Davis, of Marietta, Ga., in 2012 after the argument over loud music coming from the SUV occupied by Davis and three friends. The teens were black. Dunn, who is white, had described the music to his fiancee as “thug music.”


Thank you Associated Press.


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Think Progress: Black Man Sentenced To Death By All-White Jury Freed From Louisiana Prison After 30 Years.


By Jueseppi B.





Black Man Sentenced To Death By All-White Jury Freed From Louisiana Prison After 30 Years


Glenn Ford was Louisiana’s longest-serving death row inmate until Tuesday, when he walked free after 30 years behind bars in a notorious maximum security prison. For three decades, he had maintained he didn’t commit the murder of which he was accused and wasn’t present at the time it occurred.


Ford, an African American man, first became a suspect in the murder of Isadore Rozeman, a jeweler and watchmaker for whom Ford occasionally did some yard work, when the girlfriend of a fellow suspect implicated Ford in the murder. Later testifying at his trial, she stated that she “lied about all of it.”


Ford was nonetheless convicted and sentenced to death by an all-white jury on testimony that the shooter was probably left-handed, that there were traces of gun powder particles on his hands, and that fingerprints found on a bag at the scene had more in common with Ford than two alternative suspects, according to the Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana. There were no witnesses to the alleged crime, and no weapon found. His two court-appointed lawyers had almost no experience with jury trials or criminal cases, let alone capital cases in which the defendant’s life was on the line. And even though a court later reviewing the conviction agreed that prosecutors had withheld evidence favorable to Ford, it declined to grant him a new trial, reasoning that this evidence would not have made the difference.


What finally changed the prosecutors’ position was a confession by another man who had been a suspect all along that he shot and killed Rozeman, given to the state by a confidential informant from a county police department, according to the Capital Post Conviction Project. The state cited only new “credible evidence.”


“I’ve been locked up almost 30 years for something I didn’t do,” Ford said. “I can’t go back and do anything I should have been doing when I was 35, 38, 40, stuff like that.” He added that his kids were babies when he was hauled off to prison, and those kids now have their own babies.


Ford’s exoneration brings the tally of death row inmates cleared of all charges to 144 nationally and 10 in Louisiana since the U.S. Supreme Court lifted a moratorium on the death penalty in 1973, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. Last October, a man was released just days before his death, also from Louisiana’s Angola prison, after spending decades in solitary confinement for a false conviction in a racially charged murder case.


A third death row inmate released from the same Angola prison after being falsely convicted of capital murder testified last month before a Senate committee on the inhumane conditions of solitary confinement on Angola’s death row. “Fairly early during my confinement at Angola, I very seriously considered giving up my legal rights and letting the State execute me,” he said. “No one, no matter how horrible the crimes for which they have been convicted, can endure this lack of stimulation, contact, and activity for very long.”





Black Man Wrongfully Convicted by White Jury, Freed after 3 Decades on Death Row.

Black Man Wrongfully Convicted by White Jury, Freed after 3 Decades on Death Row.



From CNN:


Louisiana’s longest-serving death row prisoner walks free after 30 years


By Dana FordCNN


(CNN) – There are many ways to measure 30 years, but for Glenn Ford, the yardstick is simple.


“My sons — when I left — was babies. Now they grown men with babies,” he said, speaking as a free man for the first time in nearly three decades.


Ford, Louisiana’s longest-serving death row prisoner, walked free Tuesday after spending nearly 30 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit.


“My mind’s going all kinds of directions, but it feels good,” Ford, 64, told reporters outside the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, according to CNN affiliate WAFB.


One reporter asked whether he harbors any resentment.


“Yeah, because I was locked up almost 30 years for something I didn’t do,” said Ford, who wore a denim shirt, a hat and dark-rimmed glasses.


“Thirty years of my life, if not all of it,” he said, WAFB reported. “I can’t go back.”


According to the Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana, a judge ordered that Ford be freed Monday after prosecutors petitioned the court to release him.


New information corroborated what Ford had said all along: that he was not present at nor involved in the November 5, 1983, slaying of Isadore Rozeman, the project said.


“We are very pleased to see Glenn Ford finally exonerated, and we are particularly grateful that the prosecution and the court moved ahead so decisively to set Mr. Ford free,” said Gary Clements and Aaron Novod, Ford’s attorneys.


They have argued his trial was compromised by the unconstitutional suppression of evidence and by inexperienced counsel.


Ford had been on death row since 1984, making him one of the longest-serving death row prisoners in the United States.


“After 30 years, Louisiana’s longest-serving death row prisoner will get his freedom soon,” Amnesty International USA senior campaigner Thenjiwe Tameika McHarris said in a statement shortly before his release.


“Glenn Ford is living proof of just how flawed our justice system truly is. We are moved that Mr. Ford, an African-American man convicted by an all-white jury, will be able to leave death row a survivor.”


Thank you CNN.


3_11glennford 071481-a1b4b74e-a9e7-11e3-9a89-1de6a43f024e 24948088_BG1 article-2578823-1C36954500000578-988_306x423 glennfordv2 web5








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Lucia McBath & Ronald Davis, Parents Of Jordan Russell Davis, Interview On The Last Word With Lawrence .


By Jueseppi B.




Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law states that when deadly force is present, you have a right not to retreat, a right to stand your ground if you are in a place you have a right to be and are not illegally present in that place, and are committing no crime. At that point you are allowed by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to meet deadly force with equal deadly force.


Since when did loud music, or a smart aleck, young 17 year old bravado mouth, become deadly force?


Jordan Davis Parents ‘He Will Pay’ FULL 15 Min Interview Last Word w Lawrence O’Donnell


Published on Feb 19, 2014

Jordan Davis Parents ‘He Will Pay’ FULL 15 Min Interview Last Word w Lawrence O’Donnell



Ron Davis and Lucia McBath, the parents of Jordan Davis, reacted to the verdict that convicted Michael Dunn of second-degree murder but not first-degree on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show Wednesday night. They said they were shocked and heartbroken at the miscarriage of justice, and were joined by their lawyer John Phillips, who told O’Donnell the jury “gave the benefit of the doubt to the Caucasian businessman.”


O’Donnell brought up the interview a juror in the case gave to Nightline, in which she revealed that the vote was 9-3 for conviction of first-degree murder. McBath didn’t feel any ill will towards the jury, saying they “put their heart and soul” into deciding this case.


Both parents were frankly stunned by Dunn calling himself the “f*cking victim”, with Davis saying, “The victim was the one that had a bullet go through his lungs.”


O’Donnell appeared to tear up a bit while bringing up the overwhelming response the Davis family has been getting on Twitter, and asked them what they would say to Dunn if they had the chance. McBath said she’d tell him, “Not only did you take Jordan’s life but you took my future.” And she believes that no matter what the final outcome on the first-degree murder charge is, “in some way, shape or form, he will pay… because he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail.”


I am simply stunned that 12 humans can not look at the facts presented in this case, no matter how incompetent the states attorney did their job of presenting those facts, and reach a guilty verdict on Murder One.



Jordan Davis – CNNSoledad O’Brien interviews the family of Jordan Davis


Published on May 5, 2013

Soledad O’Brien interviews Jordan Davis’ parents on CNN’s Starting Point.




Jordan Davis – MSNBC The Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell – Parents Speak


As Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reports proudly that they have reached one million for their concealed weapons and firearm license program, others are left to bare the burden of this trend. Parents of shooting victim Jordan Davis tell their story and what they plan to do to make sure it doesn’t happen to your child.
















Jordan Davis RIP

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Michael Dunn Trial Post Verdict Jordan Davis Parents Press Conference.


By Jueseppi B.




Michael Dunn Trial. Post Verdict. Jordan Davis Parents Press Conference


Published on Feb 15, 2014

Michael Dunn Trial. Post Verdict. Jordan Davis Parents Press Conference




Michael Dunn, Murder Of Jordan Russell Davis, Trial Verdict….




Count 1 – Murder One – Mistrial. Can be retried.


Count 2 – 2nd Degree Attempted Murder – Guilty –  20 years minimum sentence.


Count 3 - 2nd Degree Attempted Murder – Guilty -  20 years minimum sentence.


Count 4 - 2nd Degree Attempted Murder – Guilty -  20 years minimum sentence.


Count 5 -  Deadly Missile charge carries a minimum penalty of 15 years.


Michael Dunn is 47 years old. This is in essence a life sentence.





Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts Responds to Verdict in Trial of Jordan Davis’s Killer; Jordan’s Mother, Lucia Mcbath, Is National Spokesperson


We are saddened and disappointed that the jury in the trial of Jordan Davis’s killer was unable to reach a full verdict. Our hearts are with Jordan’s family as they learn that they will have to bear another trial and more waiting for justice. Jordan and his family deserve closure in the killing of their son, and we will continue to shine a spotlight on our country’s broken Stand Your Ground laws.


Stand Your Ground laws put our children, families, and communities at risk because they give everyday, untrained citizens more leeway to shoot than the United States military gives soldiers in war zones. Children – like Jordan Davis – who may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time are now more likely to die at the hands of the armed and angry. This is unacceptable.


Jordan’s fate is not an isolated one: He is one of at least 26 children and teens killed in Florida Stand Your Ground cases since 2005. Stand Your Ground laws – also called “shoot first” laws because they empower armed vigilantism – are associated with a clear increase in homicides, resulting in up to 700 more homicides nationwide each year, according to a 2012 study by Texas A&M researchers.


Research indicates that Stand Your Ground laws embolden people to shoot when they could have resolved conflicts by using a lesser degree of force or simply walking away. After Florida passed its Stand Your Ground law, its justifiable homicide rate tripled. Over the same time period, the justifiable homicide rate decreased in states that did not pass Stand Your Ground laws.


This increase in homicides due to Stand Your Ground laws disproportionately affects communities of color. The Urban Institute found that when white shooters kill black victims, the resulting homicides are 11 times more likely to be deemed justifiable than when the shooter is black and the victim is white.


And despite the assertions of Stand Your Ground supporters, the Texas A&M researchers found no evidence that Stand Your Ground laws deter crime.


Now that the research on Stand Your Ground laws is clear, states are listening. Though at least seven states had Stand Your Ground legislation pending at the time ofTrayvon Martin’s shooting death in February 2012, not one of those bills became law. Trayvon’s death served a national wake-up call: No additional states have become Stand Your Ground states since. And legislators in at least 11 states have introduced bills to scale back or repeal their laws, and one such reform bill passed in Louisiana.


During a recent legislative hearing to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, Davis’s mother Lucia McBath, a national spokesperson for Moms Demand Action, said, “My grief is unbearable at times. I’m here as a face of the countless victims of gun violence.” Lucia has funneled her grief into activism and moms will continue to fight along side her, committed to undoing the damage these ill-conceived laws have created.


American mothers have had enough and we are prepared to go toe-to-toe with our country’s insidious gun lobby. We will stand our ground for children like Jordan Davis and we will not stop until Stand Your Ground laws are rolled back.










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