It’s Labor Day, So Let’s ALL Be Lazy !!!


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White House Tweets – September 2, 2013








White House Schedule – September 1st To September 7th, 2013


Sunday and Monday: The President has no public events scheduled.


Tuesday: The President will attend meetings at the White House. In the evening, he will depart Washington, DC en route Stockholm, Sweden.


Wednesday: The President will arrive in Stockholm. While there, he will hold a bilateral meeting and joint press conference with Prime Minister Reinfeldt. He will then participate in an event honoring Raoul Wallenberg at the Great Synagogue in Stockholm and tour an expo featuring clean energy innovations at the Royal Institute of Technology. In the evening, he will take part in a dinner with Nordic Leaders.


Thursday: The President will hold a bilateral meeting with the King and Queen of Sweden. He will then depart Stockholm en route Saint Petersburg, Russia where he will attend the G-20 Summit.


Friday: Attends the G-20 Summit. Returns to Washington, DC on Friday evening.






NY State of Health™ – The Official Health Plan Marketplace


Published on Aug 20, 2013

Introducing New York‘s Official Health Plan Marketplace, NY State of Health™ ( It’s your place to shop, compare and enroll in a low-cost quality health plan that is right for you. And it is the only place you can receive financial assistance based on your income, to lower your costs even more. Find out more today by logging onto






A Better Bargain: Michelle In Syracuse


Published on Aug 27, 2013

The system’s current trajectory is unsustainable. Colleges can’t just keep jacking up costs by more than 10% year after year while pushing state cutbacks onto students, families, and taxpayers. Our economy can’t afford the $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. We cannot price the middle class — and everyone working to get into the middle class — out of a college education. It’ll put your young generation, our workers, and our country at a competitive disadvantage for years.
– President Obama, Buffalo NY, 8/22/13








Wanna See Some Photos?



A Saturday Edition Of The Daily Word From Barack’s House



Why AmeriKKKa Must Not Interfere In Syrian Civil War



It’s Time For #GunSense In America: The GunSense In America Back To School Shopping Guide



Nancy Day via “I Regret Our Verdict.”



Congress Suddenly Skeptical Of Plan They Demanded!



Tell President Obama You Support His Steps Against Gun Violence



“Bread For The World” Helps End Hunger



Sir David Paradine Frost Dies At Age 74














Sandy Hook Promise



















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How Bout A Little Potpourri?


By Mr. Jueseppi B.






Statements and Releases


July 16, 2013


Statement by the President

I’m pleased that the Senate took action today to move forward on the nominees who have waited far too long for a vote. Over the last two years, I’ve nominated leaders to fill important positions required to do the work of the American people, only to have those positions remain unfilled – not because the nominees were somehow unqualified, but for purely political reasons. I want to thank the Senators from both parties – including Leader Reid, Leader McConnell and Senator McCain – who have worked together to find a path forward and give these nominees the votes they deserve. In the weeks ahead, I hope the Congress will build on this spirit of cooperation to advance other urgent middle-class priorities, including the need to take action to pass commonsense immigration reform and keep interest rates on student loans low for families trying to afford a higher education.




Presidential Nominations and Withdrawals Sent to the Senate


Kent Yoshiho Hirozawa, of New York, to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board for the term of five years expiring August 27, 2016, vice Wilma B. Liebman, term expired.


Nancy Jean Schiffer, of Maryland, to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board for the term of five years expiring December 16, 2014, vice Craig Becker.




Sharon Block, of the District of Columbia, to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board for the term of five years expiring December 16, 2014, vice Craig Becker, which was sent to the Senate on February 13, 2013.


Richard F. Griffin, Jr., of the District of Columbia, to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board for the term of five years expiring August 27, 2016, vice Wilma B. Liebman, term expired, which was sent to the Senate on February 13, 2013.




Share this: Immigration reform means great things for the economy


Now that lawmakers in the Senate have come together to pass a bipartisan piece of legislation to fix our broken immigration system, it’s up to the House of Representatives to do the same.


And that makes this the perfect time to learn more about the issue.


In the days ahead, those members of Congress have to make a choice about the right way to reform immigration — or if they want to proceed at all. As the national debate begins in earnest, we want to make sure you have information you need to answer questions in your community.


So check out this video, then share it so that people know that immigration reform makes a ton of sense for the economy.



It Took More Than 4,000 Photos to Tell This Story


Here’s one of the best things about immigration reform: It’s going to make the economy a lot better. This video breaks down exactly how that works—how fixing our broken system will create jobs, boost wages, cut the deficit, and foster innovation. Not enough people are talking about this fact, so watch it, then share it!








Press Briefing

July 16, 2013 | 52:33 | Public Domain


White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing.





Sen. Warren on CNBC‘s “Squawk Box”


Published on Jul 12, 2013

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) discusses the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on July 12, 2013. Senator Warren introduced the legislation with Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Maria Cantwell (D-WA), and Angus King (I-ME).





Reid: A New Normal for the Senate


Published on Jul 16, 2013

Senate Majority Harry Reid, speaking to reporters in the Capitol, said today there is now a new normal in the Senate: “qualified executive nominees must not be blocked on procedural supermajority votes.”





It’s Time to End Gridlock In Washington


Published on Jul 11, 2013

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calls on Republicans to end their obstructionism of President Obama’s nominees.





Sharpton: ‘Justice for Trayvon’ Marches Saturday


Published on Jul 16, 2013

The Reverend Al Sharpton says there will be vigils and rallies in 100 cities this weekend to press for federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. (July 16)





Rev Al Sharpton calls for protests, civil rights investigation on Zimmerman


Published on Jul 16, 2013

News for Rev Al Sharpton calls for protests.

Reverend Al Sharpton to rally in 100 cities to protest Zimmerman trial verdict. … Department is investigating whether Zimmerman violated Martin’s civil rights.





Holder: Martin Death ‘Unnecessary Shooting’


Published on Jul 15, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder says the killing of Trayvon Martin was a tragic, unnecessary shooting, but an opportunity to speak honestly about emotionally charged issues. Holder spoke to the Delta Sigma Theta convention in Washington. (July 15)





NAACP reaches 1 million signatures on Zimmerman prosecution petition


The NAACP has gathered more than 1 million signatures on their petition to the Department of Justice calling for federal prosecution and civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.


The civil rights organization launched the petition in response to the Florida jury’s verdict in the Zimmerman trial, which acquitted the defendant of all charges in the death of Trayvon Martin.


Over 100,000 signatures were submitted within hours of the petition’s launch on Saturday night. As of Tuesday morning, that number has reached to more than one million, although an NAACP representative tells theGrio that an exact number cannot currently be determined.


“I knew I was not alone in my outrage, anger, and heartbreak over this decision,” NAACP President Ben Jealous said in an official statement. “When a teenager’s life is taken, and there is no accountability for the man who killed him, nothing seems right in the world. But we cannot let these emotions rule us.”


“This is the power of one million voices,” he added. “One voice in angry protest can be ignored, but when one million people speak as one – and thousands more take to the street in peaceful protest, rallies and vigils – we can change the world.”


The initial overwhelming response to the petition caused the NAACP website to crash due to the heavy traffic — however, it has since been recovered.



The petition, which is addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder, reads:

The Department of Justice has closely monitored the State of Florida’s prosecution of the case against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder since it began. Today, with the acquittal of George Zimmerman, it is time for the Department of Justice to act.


The most fundamental of civil rights — the right to life — was violated the night George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin.


We ask that the Department of Justice file civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this egregious violation.Please address the travesties of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin by acting today.



Holder addressed the media on Tuesday and criticized stand-your-ground laws in reference to the shooting that led to Martin’s death.


He said: “separate and apart from the case that has drawn the nation’s attention, it’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.”


“The Department of Justice will continue to act in a manner that is consistent with the law and the facts,” he said before his closing statements. “We will not be afraid. We are committed to doing anything possible and that is in every case and in every community, justice must be done.”


The Justice Department has confirmed that the Zimmerman case is under review.




Sharpton Calls For Civil Rights Charges Against Zimmerman: “Trayvon Had The ‘Civil Right To Go Home”


Published on Jul 15, 2013

Frustrated by a Florida jury’s decision to acquit George Zimmerman of all charges relating to the 2012 murder of Tryavon Martin, MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton told Today’s Savannah Guthrie on Monday that he is prepared to lobby the federal government to charge Zimmerman with a violation of Martin’s civil rights. “Trayvon Martin had the civil right to go home,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton confessed to Guthrie that he was disappointed by the verdict against Zimmerman, but he was not surprised. “You have to remember, we had to fight and demonstrate to even get a trial,” he recalled.

Sharpton said that his network and Martin family attorney, Ben Crump, began the process of pursuing civil rights claims against Zimmerman before the trial even began.





RELATED: Al Sharpton Demands Federal Investigation Of Zimmerman: Martin Family Always Had A ‘Plan B’

“Trayvon Martin had the civil right to go home, and in 100 cities this Saturday there will be demonstrations in front of federal buildings led by ministers pressing the federal government to protect our right,” Sharpton warned.

NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom said that the federal government will have to show that the charges of civil rights violations are “substantially different” from the crime of which he was acquitted. She noted that this was possible because the prosecution did not focus on the racial element of the case during proceedings.

Guthrie asked Sharpton if the prosecution missed an opportunity by not making the case “explicitly” about racial discrimination. “I think they did,” Sharpton agreed, “but it also sets up a federal case, because you can’t say it’s been tried because it wasn’t tried.”

“I can tell you this is long from being over, and we’re going to be with them every step of the way because this puts every child at risk,” Sharpton concluded. “Any child can be interfered with going home for committing no crime. That’s the bottom line here that must be answered.”



Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Trial from a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Perspective


Published on Jul 16, 2013
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

The not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman continued to stoke protests across the U.S., the latest one a sit-in at Tallahassee, Fla., on Tuesday morning, with more demonstrations expected through the week.

At least several dozen protesters gathered at the state capitol to protest Florida’s stand-your-ground law. It comes on the heels of three nights of sometimes violent protests in a number of cities, including Los Angeles, where 14 people were arrested on Monday.

Photos from social media showed demonstrators preparing a sit-in in Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s office. At a Tuesday morning news conference, the Rev. Al Sharpton said he backed vigils and rallies to be held in 100 cities on Saturday, including at federal buildings, to call for federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.








Just Causes For Justice: Free Ms. Tyra Patterson



Marrisa Alexander



Justice For Ms. Marrisa Alexander



Marissa Alexander Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison



Stand Your Ground: Marissa Alexander (Black) ~vs~ George Zimmerman (caucasian)



The Daily Snapshot From Barack’s House



Ms. Rachael Jeantel Tells It Just Like It “T.I.S.” On Piers Morgan




No Words. Just Pictures. #HoodieStillUp4Trayvon



It Ain’t Ovah Till It’s Ovah!













President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts


By Jueseppi B.






President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key Administration posts:

• Mark Gaston Pearce – Member, National Labor Relations Board, and upon appointment to be designated Chairman
• Harry I. Johnson, III – Member, National Labor Relations Board
• Philip A. Miscimarra – Member, National Labor Relations Board


President Obama said, “I am pleased to nominate these individuals to serve on the National Labor Relations Board.  By enforcing workplace protections, upholding the rights of workers and providing a stable workplace environment for businesses, the NLRB plays a vital role in our efforts to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class.  With these nominations there will be five nominees to the NLRB, both Republicans and Democrats, awaiting Senate confirmation. I urge the Senate to confirm them swiftly so that this bipartisan board can continue its important work on behalf of the American people.”



President Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key Administration posts:


Mark Gaston Pearce, Nominee for Member, National Labor Relations Board, and upon appointment to be designated Chairman
Mark Gaston Pearce is currently Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), a position he has held since August 2011.  He has served as a Member of the NLRB since March 2010.  Previously, Mr. Pearce was a founding partner of Creighton, Pearce, Johnsen & Giroux from 2002 to 2010.  Before founding the Creighton, Pearce firm, Mr. Pearce worked as an associate and junior partner at Lipsitz, Green, Fahringer, Roll, Salisbury & Cambria LLP from 1994 to 2002.  From 1979 to 1994, he was a district trial specialist for the NLRB in Buffalo, NY.  He has been a Board Member of the New York State Industrial Board of Appeals, and he has taught labor studies courses at Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations Extension.  Mr. Pearce received a B.A. from Cornell University and a J.D. from State University of New York at Buffalo.


Harry I. Johnson, III, Nominee for Member, National Labor Relations Board
Harry I. Johnson, III is currently partner with Arent Fox LLP, a position he has held since 2010.  Previously, Mr. Johnson worked at Jones Day as partner from 2006 to 2010 and as an associate from 1994 to 2005.  In 2011, he was recognized by The Daily Journal as one of the “Top Labor & Employment Attorneys in California”.  Mr. Johnson received a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, an M.A.L.D. from Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.


Philip A. Miscimarra, Nominee for Member, National Labor Relations Board
Philip A. Miscimarra is partner in the Labor and Employment Group of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP, a position he has held since 2005.  Since 1997, Mr. Miscimarra has been a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.  Mr. Miscimarra worked at Seyfarth Shaw LLP as partner from 1990 to 2005 and associate from 1987 to 1989.  Mr. Miscimarra received a B.A. from Duquesne University, an M.B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.



















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Saturday’s Daily Word From Barack’s House: Weekly Catch-Up

By Jueseppi B.







Weekly Address: Two Nominees Who Will Fight for the American People


President Obama discusses his nomination of Mary Jo White to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission and Richard Cordray to continue as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.







From The New York Times Editorial Page:





For most of President Obama’s first term, Republicans used legislative trickery to try to prevent the functioning of two federal agencies they hate, the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. First they would filibuster the president’s nominees ….. Then they would create fake legislative sessions for the Senate during its recess, intended solely to prevent Mr. Obama from making recess appointments as an end run.


Astonishingly, a federal appeals court upheld this strategy on Friday …. The court even broke with the presidential practice of 150 years by ruling that only vacancies arising during a narrow recess period qualify for recess appointments.


…. The situation demonstrates how dysfunctional Washington has become because of these Republican abuses….With no sign that Republicans are willing to let up on their machinations, Mr. Obama was entirely justified in using his executive power to keep federal agencies operating.


Read the rest of the story at  The New York Times.




From The Daily Beast:


The GOP Plan to Steal Elections



The GOP Plan to Steal Elections. Republicans are proposing a radical rule change in swing states – one that would have handed Romney the election. Michael Tomasky on this jaw-dropping outrage.




Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus rallies volunteers at a Romney campaign office in Arlington, Virginia on October 25, 2012. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call, via Getty.




….. We could toss all this information onto the ever-growing “Oh, those crazy Republicans” slag heap, have a laugh, and let it go. But this is concerted and serious. Rules, laws, customs, and norms that we have all abided by for centuries (the Electoral College and the primacy of federal law) or decades (recess appointments) have simply been producing too many outcomes conservatives don’t like. Most people, and movements, would try to change themselves so that they could maybe win under the long-agreed-upon rules. But conservatives have a cleverer way. Just make new rules. You better believe things can get worse.


The full story by Michael Tomasky can be found at The Daily Beast.




In Case You Missed It……


Here’s a quick glimpse at what happened this week on


Inauguration Weekend: On Saturday, Americans across the country took part in the National Day of Service, a project started four years ago to honor the life and legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The First Family kicked off the weekend at Burrville Elementary School in Washington, D.C. where they worked on school improvements. Watch the President and First Lady speak at the service event here.



On Sunday, in accordance with the Constitution which states the President must take the oath of office on January 20 in the year of an inauguration, President Obama and Vice President Biden were officially sworn in. Check out  video of the President taking the oath at the White House and the Vice President taking the oath at the Naval Observatory.



Inauguration Day: On Monday, President Obama delivered his Inaugural Address to the country and was publicly sworn in for a second term. Fittingly on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President Obama shared his vision for a second term. President Obama said, “My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it – so long as we seize it together.”


Check out the 57th Presidential Inauguration page, which includes our featured video on opportunities to interact with the White House, graphics to share on Facebook and a photo gallery from the historic weekend.


  • Watch the full address here.


  • Listen to the speech here.


  • Watch the complete Inauguration Ceremony here.


  • Watch the President and Vice President speak at an Inaugural Luncheon here.


  • Watch Highlights from the 2013 Inaugural Parade here.



Surprise: On Tuesday, the President and the First Lady were in the Blue Room where they surprised visitors during their White House tour. The First Lady used her new Twitter account to let followers know what was happening beforehand.



See what is like to be surprised by the President and follow@FLOTUS  to receive real time updates and special messages from the First Lady and the Office of the First Lady.



Fireside Hangouts: On Thursday, Vice President Biden took part in the latest “Fireside Hangout” hosted by Google. The Vice President outlined the Administration’s plan to protect our communities from gun violence, while answering questions from participants.



The virtual roundtable can be seen in its entirety here and you can join us on the White House’s Google+ page for ways you can become involved with the next hangout.



White and Cordray Nominated: On Thursday, President Obamanominated Mary Jo White for head of the Securities and Exchange Commission and called for Richard Cordray to continue as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Both can play pivotal roles in the financial sector as White will be asked to keep Wall Street and banks accountable, while Cordray will oversee the laws that protect everyday Americans.


“These are people with proven track records,” said President Obama. “They are going to look out for the American people, for American consumers, and make sure that our marketplace works better — more transparently, more efficiently, more effectively.”




A little Inaugural Day swag from the First Couple:













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