Tag: Racism


The Names

Michelle Cusseaux Michael Brown Kajieme Powell John Crawford Ezell Ford Eric Garner Clinton Allen Roshad McIntosh Oscar Grant Sean Bell Miriam Carey Tamir Rice, 12 Akai Gurley Vonderrit Myers Walter Scott Eric Harris Freddie Gray Brandon Lawrence Daniel Howard Davis Renisha McBride Rekia Boyd Felix David Gary Timmie […]


Does This Tee Shirt Offend YOU?

After backlash, beachwear company Tavik pulls T-shirt that evokes lynching By Soraya Nadia McDonald for The Washington Post It is absolutely sickening that @tjmaxx thinks it's okay to sell a shirt like this. pic.twitter.com/woCRDuEqpe — psycho girlfriend (@PsychoGF_) March 17, 2015 Here’s a question for the ages: Does the […]


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