Please Help Find Nichole Kristine Cable. She Could Be Your Daughter. Sister. Niece. Cousin.



By Jueseppi B.






Fwd: UPDATE: Nichole Kristine Cable was last know to be with a male using a fictitious name of Bryan Butterfield. He was using a Facebook account with that name and it has now been taken down. The authorities have no leads. Please! I am begging for help to fing my daughter and bring her home safely. Please if you have my CoCo, drop her off at a gas station or a park so she can call for help or for me to come get her. I dont care who you are, I just want her home. She’s just a little girl of 15 with her whole life ahead of her. Please bring her home! Please call Officer Shawn McCue @ 2075700118 or 911 or please call me.I am her mother @ 2079491255.



Copied & Pasted From Ms. Fowle.


Please Help Find Nichole


I’ve never said this to any of you, but PLEASE REBLOG THIS! We need as many people as possible to see it, even if you live overseas – PLEASE REBLOG or REPOST!


This past Sunday night, a local teenage girl went missing and no one has seen or heard from her since.



15-year-old Nichole Kristine Cable of Glenburn, Maine was last heard from Sunday night at around 9:20pm. Her parents have reported that she had received messages on Facebook from an unknown male and had plans to meet up with him. From what I’ve gathered, he posed as one of her Facebook friends to get her to accept a friend request and started messaging her.


There is little to go on as far as the “person of interest” goes – only that he is male, used a fake name and is supposedly driving a small black car. A few other teen girls have come forward to say that the same man had contacted them as well, but he removed them from his friend’s list when they refused to meet him.


Nichole’s last known whereabouts is on Route 221 in Glenburn, Maine.


If you’d like to get involved, this is the Facebook group that’s been formed to get information out:


Bring Nichole Cable Home Facebook page.


Fwd: UPDATE: Nichole Kristine Cable was last know to be with a male using a fictitious name of Bryan Butterfield. He was using a Facebook account with that name and it has now been taken down. The authorities have no leads. Please! I am begging for help to fing my daughter and bring her home safely. Please if you have my CoCo, drop her off at a gas station or a park so she can call for help or for me to come get her. I dont care who you are, I just want her home. She’s just a little girl of 15 with her whole life ahead of her. Please bring her home! Please call Officer Shawn McCue @ 2075700118 or 911 or please call me.I am her mother @ 2079491255.


I’ve also sent out some tweets about this, using the hashtag #FindNichole and #FindNicholeCable – please go to my Twitter profile and Retweet them:


I don’t care where you live or if you think it might not help – IT WILL! Reblog, Repost, Retweet – whatever you can! Think of all the different people who follow you online – they come from all over. Let’s use our social media outlets to spread the word and bring Nichole home!


I will update you once more information is received. Thank you for whatever help you can offer.


* * *


UPDATE: Authorities are now looking for anyone who may have seen a black Ford Ranger pickup truck (similar to the one pictured below) in the area of Rt. 221 near Rt. 43 and Rogers Market or near West Old Town between 8pm Sunday (May 12th) and 2am Monday (May13th). *Read the full article >>




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@MrMilitantNegro™ Is Famous: Thank You Ms. Chipsticks

By Jueseppi B.



checkmatebackground (2)




The Obama Diary has written about me:


Hiya everyone, I’m going to take a small break, I’ll be back Monday morning.


Need to clear my rusty old head, it’s been a truly weird day.


I told you before about the freaky abuse I got from the creature that is @MrMilitantNegro, it was a miserable whinge back then, and I could still thump myself for publicly letting him get to me – which, of course, utterly thrilled him. He celebrated my girly meltdown on his blog at the time, he viewed it as ‘mission accomplished’.


You put yourself on the internet, and then complain about abuse? I know, I know:embarrassing.


But, it was just kind of weird that the ugliest abuse – of the personal and sexual kind – I had ever received since starting the blog in the dim and distant past of October 2009 came from a supposed President Obama supporter.


So, yeah, the nature of this guy’s abuse got to me, it came at a very bad time personally, so I let emotions get the better of me, it was sexually violent language, and he made it pretty clear to me that the main reason he despised me was because I’m a woman who runs a popular blog – and he was never going to forgive me for either offense. But, having poured bile all over TOD, and all who comment here, he vowed to continue copying every single post he ever saw here. He didn’t seem to get the contradiction – but he’s not a very bright man, to be honest. In fact, he’s seriously stupid.


Back then, I didn’t explain myself very well, which he exploited, telling his followers I was a ‘selfish bitch’ who wouldn’t share her stuff with his splog (spam blog – ie one that just reblogs posts or copies posts from other blogs, usually with all links removed), but it was never about an objection to reblogging or sharing stuff, just about everything here is a link to somewhere else – the aim being to send you on to the sites with good stuff, eg Steve Benen, Charles Pierce, ThePeoplesView, Greg Sargent, Michael Tomasky, etc.


And I’ve always encouraged any fellow Obama-supporting bloggers to take anything from here they ever like, which, I think, they would all confirm.


It was only ever about standing up to HIS abuse and refusing to back down, ever. ‘Cos I’m that kind of gal – which is what makes him hate me even more.


I thought then that he was only targeting me with his abuse, but the emails poured in …. truly, this guy has a serious problem – with women especially.


One of the blogs on the blogroll here has been targeted by him too, as has another female blogger who contacted me recently.


All concerned will back that up, they’ve told me, if needs be.


Back then, some seriously smart posts started appearing on his blog. I was impressed, because he never seemed too bright. And then I Googled them and found out he’d simply copied posts from the likes of the Daily Beast and put them under his own name, and when his visitors congratulated him he simply thanked them for their praise.


Psycho stuff.


After his abuse, I stopped him from reblogging me, with a techy trick, which enraged him, especially when I shared the trick with other blogs he was targeting. So, he started posting fake reblogs under my name, adding his own moronic comments to the ‘reblogs’, making it look like I had written them – which I hadn’t.


I thought that was, well, bizarre, but then this was emailed to me.


I contacted WordPress and asked them were fake reblogs allowed – they said ‘most certainly not’, and contacted him to tell him as much. So, he had to remove the fake reblogs he posted under my name.


At which point his hate levels soared.


I then made the decision to ignore him, which completely incensed him, I blocked him everywhere – email, Twitter, here, etc – and went about my bloggy business, never going near his splog again.


He kept trying to post comments here, praising his own splog, unaware that the same ip address showed up under his name and all his sock puppets.


Meanwhile, good people kept emailing and DMing me, telling me he was copying and pasting every single TOD post while abusing me on his blog, but so long as I didn’t have any contact with the creep, I really didn’t care.


Life’s way too short to be wasting time on crap like him.


Yesterday? I changed my Twitter background, and then got a DM saying “you know he’s changed his blog background to look just like your Twitter background?”


Honest, I laughed – if I sneezed, this guy would copy and paste the sneeze minutes later.


And then? After getting another DM, I stupidly tweeted about him copying another TOD post, and soon after I got this photo emailed to me, accompanied by the delightful message:


Suck my cock bitch.”






Yes, that’s @MrMilitantNegro in the photo, as has been confirmed for me.


Am I meant to swoon or feel threatened by the naked stare? Dunno.


I have no clue who sent it, it might well have been from one of his fans, but whoever sent it:


@MrMilitantNegro? FUCK YOU.


The man repulses me, the fact that he has, every step of the way, believed my weakest spot was my gender says way more than I need to know. After that, his vitriol was the stuff of worthless, misogynistic, pitiful hate.


This, I can assure you, is not a tantrum or a surrender, just a pause to consider if life is long enough to deal with hideous photos of misogynistic pieces of hate-filled shit.


I don’t run this blog for profit, it’s not an ego trip (if it was I would use my real name), my life does not revolve around blog hits or Twitter followers – I seriously do not give a shit about all that stuff, this is and always will be a love thing. To this day, I feel blessed to be alive in President Obama’s time – that’s why I do this. No other reason.


@MrMilitantNegro stalks this blog, day and night – so, a couple of messages for him:


(1) I am a woman, get the fuck over it.


(2) No, I will never put your c**k in my mouth and swallow, so dream on.


(3) You’re a worthless piece of woman-hating scum.


(4) You will NEVER defeat me – I will be back Monday.


(5) I have concerns about Unite Blue – lots of concerns – and to add to the list: @MrMilitantNegro is part of their supposedly progressive movement. I kid you not.


PS Get some treatment, you need it.


I’ve made last night’s post private because I don’t want that scumbag getting any more attention from me, which is what he craves. So, **** him, he’s a worthless fool.


Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday.



My 15 minutes of fame have arrived. Thank you The Obama Diary and Ms. Chipsticks.























Photography Potpourri


By Jueseppi B.















16a_p021213ps-1730Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton & Nathaniel A. Pendleton Sr. ~ “Our Daughter Deserves A Vote”




03a_p021213ps-0988The President Of The United States Of America, Barack Hussein Obama…..bout to throw it down Barack style at The State Of The Union, February 12th, Twenty Twelve.



01a_p021213ps-0803With the First Lady, Michelle LaVaughn Obama, looking on, POTUS Barack Hussein Obama signs copies of his State Of The Union speech.



ted-nugent-16x9The washed up, drugged out, poopy pants voice & face of The TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist Reich Wing GOPretender Conselfishservative NRAsshole-Gun Loving Nut Bag racist white supremacist caucasian Party. This is the representative of GOPretenders American values.
























US President Barack Obama wears a Chicag




































Wednesday’s Potpourri: We Got Cartoons.

By Jueseppi B.





































































What you do AFTER you kick the shit outta The TeaTardedRepubliCANTS…..

Barack Obama















The Day After Potpourri: Photos And A Video Or Two

By Jueseppi B.















































Hat Tip/Shout Out to TheObamaDiary2012 for the following videos:


2012: A Memory or Two






An image or two – President Obama: January 2012






An Image or Two – President Obama: February 2012






The photos below are all courtesy of Barack Loves Michelle.

Please check them out on Facebook & “like” the page.




62118_312427545534180_1549766562_nAt the barbershop just kickin it.




65111_311406302302971_269220320_nThe First Lady & daughters with Mr. Mandela.




71772_311420948968173_294413564_nDad & Daughter




Election night 2008

149738_311401708970097_177769582_nElection night 2012




156295_311419965634938_1723231783_nThe First Family




181844_312013575575577_129099637_nThen & Now




227035_310686175708317_1291184747_nMother & Daughter




262717_311599702283631_1715104029_nThe Master, Bo….and Barack




382129_311420202301581_1003571803_nBeauty & The Beast…..but a friendly beast.




399326_311415352302066_2129445945_nIt’s a snow day.




416814_310686802374921_1087220768_nBeauty Grace Intelligence Style Class….First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Obama




479741_311416335635301_2071464665_nDaughter & Dad




533492_128507440643744_457304127_nCome get some….Presidents can jump.




547646_311420572301544_1986055176_n“Okay, as soon as this is over, we’ll get White Castles…but don’t tell your  mom.”






















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