Did The Fiscal Cliff Deal Make You Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned With President Obama?

By Jueseppi B.







Tough titty then.


There was a lesson taught by the President Of The United States on Tuesday night. Don’t ever mess with an incumbent Black President named Barack Hussein Obama. He don’t bluff.


So…..You are Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned With President Obama…..


Guess what? I don’t give a damn, and neither does President Barack Hussein Obama. This President is intelligent, smart, savvy, cool and calm, and he is committed to America & Americans. He is a critical thinker, uses common sense, & logic as well as being a first class diplomat. He has kept every single “entitlement” in place for ALL Americans.


He has brought home troops from Iraq to be reunited with families and friends all across America. His leadership has removed terrorist from the planet, as well as reduced al-Qaeda to nothing. His foreign policy and his world standing, and the standing of America, is at an all time high, so say the polls.


So you being “Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned With President Obama” over his compromising skills in the fiscal cliff deal really means what, exactly?


I continue to hear that people are upset POTUS Obama didn’t get more from the Tax Relief Extension Bill deal with the House Of MisRepresentatives. What did he not get?


Seven Things You Need to Know About the Tax Deal


1) As the President promised, income tax rates for middle-class families will stay low permanently. That’s good news for 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small businesses.


2) As the President promised, for the first time in 20 years, a bipartisan agreement will increase tax rates on the wealthy. That rate increase will be immediate and permanent. Individuals making more than $250,000 will be asked to pay a little more to help reduce the deficit through a combination of increased tax rates and reduced tax benefits.


3) This agreement cuts the deficit. It builds on the $1 trillion of spending cuts the President signed into law in 2011 through the Budget Control Act. This new agreement cuts the deficit by $737 billion by asking the wealthiest to begin to pay their fair share. Moving forward, the President is committed to reducing the deficit even more, splitting savings in a balanced way between spending cuts and even more revenue from the wealthiest.


4) As part of this deal, a group of tax cuts that help middle-class families keep more money in their pockets and afford to pay for higher education was also extended. The Child Tax CreditEarned Income Tax Credit, and the new American Opportunity Tax Credit will stay in effect for at least the next five years.


5) We’ll continue making investments that create jobs in domestic clean energy and innovation because the agreement extends the Production Tax Credit and the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit.


6) Lawmakers agreed to extend emergency unemployment insurance for 2 million people looking for work.


7) This agreement doesn’t cut Social Security benefits, Medicare, or Medicaid. That’s because the President stood strong against reducing our deficit on the backs of seniors, students, the poor, and working families.


Name me a past President Of The United States who has achieved 1/3rd of the historic accomplishments that Barack Hussein Obama has managed to make a reality, against all the obstructionists tactics thrown in his path?


To be honest, you who are Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned With President Obama, confuse me to my very core. You voted for change and somehow imagined change would magically deliciously appear over night. Well change takes time my friend, and in case you’ve been in a cave the past four years, America has changed.


Did you guys think your personal agenda would be the primary concern of the President Of The United States, over his own  agenda? I, and all his true supporters, voted for Him to be President, and we trust Him to work on His agenda.


Many of you who are Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned With President Obama, don’t even have a working knowledge of how the Presidency actually works. You don’t have a clue what goes on in Washington, yet you are Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned With President Obama.


I will bet you $10,000 that you are benefiting, in some way, from His agenda right now. I will also bet $10,000, that you who are Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned With President Obama, don’t even know the definition of diplomat OR compromise.


Having never actually been President Of The United States, I put my trust and faith in this Man who has shown me time and time again how His mind works. I support this family man who shows me just how a real man handles adversity, criticism, racism, hatred, jealously, disrespect & doubt…from his so called supporters.


When POTUS Obama took the oath of office in January of 2009, he no longer was a Democrat, a Progressive or a Liberal, he became The President Of The United States Of America, ALL America, those who voted for him and especially those who did not.


He no longer had a Progressive agenda, or a Liberal agenda, or a Democratic agenda. His agenda was an American agenda. That is the real test of a true President. A President is concerned with what is best for the greatest number of American citizens.


That is what the all the Disappointed, Despondent & Disillusioned President Obama supporters don get, The President must do whats best for the greatest number of Americans. Not the least.


The Office Of The President of The United States is not a caucasian office, or a Black office, or a Latino/Hispanic office. It is not a red office, or a blue office, it is not a Progressive office, a Conservative office or a GOP office. It is not a Republican office, or a Liberal office, it is not a Independent office or a left or right wing office.


It IS The Office Of The President Of The United States Of America…..ALL America.










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