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Being A Refugee

Refugee definition, a person who flees for refuge or safety, especially to a foreign country, as in time of political upheaval, war, etc. Full Definition of REFUGEE. : one that flees; especially : a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution. […]


You Can Hood…BUT You CAN’T Hide

#AnonLaFamilia We Are Anonymous. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. We Are Legion. Expect Us. pic.twitter.com/D3lUYl4l8N — ♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ (@MrNegroMilitant) November 2, 2015 #AnonLaFamilia Siamo anonimi. Noi non perdoniamo. Noi non dimentichiamo. Noi siamo una legione. Aspettatevi Us. pic.twitter.com/HoXMPzDSPt — ♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ (@MrNegroMilitant) November 2, 2015 Anonymous to KKK: You can hood, but you can't hide. #OpKKK #HoodsOff […]


Happy Indigenous People Day

We Don’t say no stinking Happy Columbus Day round here….Happy Indigenous People Day Movement To Rename ‘Columbus Day’ To ‘Indigenous People’s Day‘ Gains Momentum By Meera Dolasia & DOGO NEWS: On August 3rd, 1492 Italian explorer Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain, to seek out a […]


A Negro Am I

Many have asked why I consider myself a Negro and not a black man like most everyone else who is of my skin tone. The answer is pretty simple. The word/term Negro is derived from the race Negroid, which is one of the only 3 true races known […]

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4 Little Girls

16th Street Baptist Church bombing The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing was an act of white supremacist terrorism which occurred at the African-American 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama on Sunday, September 15, 1963, when four members of the Ku Klux Klan planted at least 15 sticks of dynamite […]


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