Day: February 17, 2012

Common Sense Says…….

By Jueseppi B. Common Sense Says…. ROMNEY FLIPS ON EARMARKS This morning, Mitt’s up with a new ad in Michigan slamming Rick Santorum for supporting earmarks. The thing is, before he ran for president, Mitt Romney was a pretty big fan of earmarks himself. In 2002, he requested “hundreds of millions of […]

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. . “Ruff Water” – Los Angeles, CA – Seth Casteel – Featured Photographer Ok, today’s post might be a bit late because these photos have been circulating around the internet like crazy and crashing Seth’s webpage with boatloads of hits. He has…

It is without question that Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars on the rise. Her role in the Oscar nominated movie, The Help does nothing but prove that. While she may be overshadowed by the brilliant performances of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, she non the…


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