Abortion Rights

Lyin UnFitt Mitt On Abortion

By Jueseppi B.




I was sent this first video by a fellow blogger who is Black a RepubliCANT and very Conservative. Stop by his blog at 


Read his thoughts & opinions.


Willard Mitt Romney on Abortion


Uploaded by  on Dec 16, 2007

Romney explains his changed abortion stance and what he believes now.
With Tim Russert http://petulantweb.com





Mitt Romney Explains His Changed Position on Abortion


Uploaded by  on Dec 20, 2011

12/19/11 – Mitt Romney here explains that he has long been personally Pro-Life, but that until 2005, he took the position that Roe v. Wade was settled law, and that he would stand by current law as a public official. But he said that changed when he had to decide as Governor of Massachusetts whether or not to allow the creation of human embryos for the purpose of experimentation and ultimately, to be destroyed. Romney said when faced wit that decision, he simply could not order the killing of human life. Therefore, he vetoed that bill and has been actively Pro-Life ever since.






Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’?


Uploaded by  on Jan 11, 2012

This video will show you just how un-sure ‘Mitt Romney’ is about on almost everything in the world, See for yourself.

We the people can still fight to get this country back on track, and the first step we have to take is to not let ‘Mitt Romney’ become President of the United States.






Romney “I’ll Get Rid of Planned Parenthood


Published on Mar 14, 2012 by 

In a recent interview with Ann Ruben, Mitt Romney announced that he is planning on “getting rid of” Planned Parenthood and cutting funding of Title X. Cenk Uygur breaks down exactly what Title X funds and some other details in Mitt Romney’s tax plan. Do you think Mitt Romney can beat President Obama in 2012?






Few organizations have done as much good in this country as Planned Parenthood has done. It has assisted women with a whole series of health problems, and it has helped them to get the information and devices needed so they do not get pregnant or contract a disease. It has given them power over their own bodies and lives, and enabled them to have economic control of their futures. The lives of men and women throughout America are richer and stronger because of it.


My grandmother doesn’t have health insurance and thanks to Planned Parenthood she gets what she needs and so do I. I thank God everyday for Planned Parenthood and little asswipes like you and Mr. Mittens want to get rid of it for no damn good reason.


The question for women, and the people who love them, is this: Do we want a President who say he believes in smaller government when it comes to things directly connected to him…..but wants a bigger government when it comes to what happens with a woman’s uterus and a woman’s health care choices?


The choice is up to you, NOT Lyin UnFitt Mitt.








The truth is, if any single American votes for a Lying, stealing, unfitt tax cheat who outsources American jobs to places overseas such as China….that American is either wealthy, racist, stupid or uninformed.


Which are you?



IF, as a President Of The United States, you can NOT connect to “We The People” Of The United States…..you LOSE.



I want Barack Hussein Obama & Joseph Robinette “Joe“ Biden, Jr as MY POTUS & VPOTUS. I want men/women representing me and MY America who can relate to me and MY America.



If you would like to contact the Obama for America campaign, please visit:






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You can also reach us by calling (312) 698-3670.


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For the most up to date information about the campaign, please bookmark http://www.barackobama.com.


Thank you,
Obama for America




If we ever needed to vote & vote DEMOCRATIC, we sure do need to vote DEMOCRATIC now. For us (Black America) the right to vote is not just a Constitutional matter but a right borne out of struggle, out of sacrifice and in some cases out of death. Think for a moment where we are in time and you will understand why: ”If we never ever needed to vote DEMOCRATIC, we sure do need to vote DEMOCRATIC NOW!!”







Register To Vote 


Declare Yourself & Vote 


I Want To Vote


Voter Participation Center


Can I Vote?







Lyin Paul Ryan & Lyin UnFitt Mitt

Just Say NO To Lies In “NO”vember!



Just “BARACK” The Vote



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  1. Hey Juseppi,

    Good to see you shared Russert interview. Thanks. I support the election of Obama for president!! Here is why http://blackrepublicanandmyworldview.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/this-is-why-electing-romney-as-president-is-a-really-really-bad-idea/

    PS: At this time, Romney is STILL running massive ad campaigns claiming he supports exceptions to abortions, and the Obama folks have yet to do anything REALLY STRONG to halt it. I hope they do so soon.

    To date, the polls continue to stink of “Karl Roveish” manipulation. Since this is a base election, I hope Obama supporters are not discouraged by this new barrage of crazy polls, most of which lean in favor of Romney. We should all vote early. The early turnout numbers can blunt the pessimism from these polls, polls intended to stymie the Democratic base and discourage other Obama supporters.

    Please click this link below to see why you should NOT vote for Romney.



    • I reblogged your post on my blog and yes you are correct, early voting is one of the keys to an Obama victory, thats why the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS want so badly to stop it. I voted last month in Iowa, Sept. 27th.


    • What do you mean “Sorry for the disconnect with Unfitt Mitt on abortion.” I don’t follow. I have got only this comment from you, did you send another?


      • I just meant, I was sorry it was off-topic from your blog post that I put this comment on. I was just being lazy and didn’t send you an email because I posted it on the fly, while managing multiple tabs in my browser.


      • Oh, Ok. I thought I had missed a comment from you. WordPress is a bitch at messing up and I thought I had missed your comment. 😉


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