Black Genocide Movement

From Harold Lee Washington To Barack Hussein Obama. It’s STILL Barack’s House!

By Jueseppi B.






In 1983 I started my “political career” by actively working for the election of one Harold Lee Washington for Mayor of Chicago. That campaign was my introduction to inside the political grassroots game.


Harold Lee Washington (April 15, 1922 – November 25, 1987) was an American lawyer and politician who became the first African-American Mayor of Chicago, serving from 1983 until his death in 1987.


Like with POTUS Obama, Mayor Washington was opposed and obstructed at every turn in his efforts to do the job he was elected by the citizens of Chicago to accomplish.


Like POTUS Obama, Mayor Harold Lee Washington won re-election to his second term.


I was blessed to witness history and participate in the election and re-election of the first Black American Mayor of Chicago.


I was blessed to witness and participate in the election and re-election of the first Black American President Of The United States.


Barack Hussein Obama won re-election tonight against the greatest of odds: voter suppression laws, voter ID laws, racism, birtherism, voter fraud, evil lying from the Romney/Ryan campaign, name calling from Republican surrogates, and even voter machine rigging. Barack Hussein Obama is STILL President Of The United States.


What does that tell us, that Barack Hussein Obama won despite all that dishonest political gamesmanship? It tells us, unequivocally, that Citizens United, Sheldon Adleson, The Koch Bros., The NRA, Clint Eastwood, A.L.E.C. and all the other billionaire donors who sunk millions into this election…..don’t stand a chance against the voice/will/demands of “We The People”.


It tells us that no matter how you lie and cheat and steal during a campaign, American people who vote can tell the difference between a lie and the truth, even if the media can’t….or won’t….call a lie a lie.






I had to post this photo because it shows a fundamental difference in the two candidates. Can you honestly see Willard Mitt Romney striking this pose?


I never had one ounce of doubt Barack Hussein Obama would not win re-election. Not one ounce of doubt. I thought it would be by a wider margin than the final results. I had faith that the President would be returned to “His House” to finish the job he started. America might be a racist place, but when you start talking about taking away social services, removing healthcare from sick and elderly, raising taxes on middle and poor classes while lowering taxes on the wealthy, you run the risk of pissing off potential voters.


When you alienate the LGBT community, tell the Latino population to self deport, ignore the Black community except to bark like a dog and repeat “who let the dogs out” when in their presence…well the outcome is inevitable.


Tonight Barack Hussein Obama has made history. Tonight Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. has made history.


America is not about what can be done FOR us. America is about what can be done BY us.


As Ed Schultz would say: “Lets Get To Work”.






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  1. “who let the dogs out”? Really? I missed that one.
    As I have said before; more than any other person; Mitt has caused me to feel that I need to appologise for his actions and words.
    I suppose because we are both white and he is such a shit.
    I want to stand up before this nation and say; “This man is not America.” “This man does not represent what we stand for”
    I am so sorry that he has been allowed to run amuck through this country bringing fear and hurt to the millions of African-American; Latino; Native American; Asian; Muslim; and Female citizens and unregistered immigrants. He has frightened the white citizens as well (if that helps at all) because we all stand together; as one Brotherhood; focused on ending such bogotry and hatred.
    We are Americans; real Americans; who have come together and put aside our differences to fight for our similarities and our Freedom to be who and what we are.
    We have taken our stand behind the banner of Liberty; lead by our Great president and political muse; Barack Obama; to bring a wind of change and the breath of fresh air to all Americans.
    So fuck it. I won’t appologise. I will however vow to strengthen this multi-racial; multi-cultural Brotherhood and and promote understanding where it is missing; form a bond of love and common belief that will; must stand for all time.
    With enemies like Mitt and his thugs, we cannot allow ourselves to take even one step backwards.
    We; the Free people of America; Free because we are no longer shackled by the division of race. Free because we have examined America; seen it’s ills; and vowed to stand together as one people to bring the end of the Republican Dragon.
    Vowed to mentally meld ourselves into one race; a race called Americans; one army of fighters under the banner of equality and justice for all.
    We have won the battle and we all deserve to rejoice and celebrate this phenomenal victory of Our President. Sing his name for all to hear and spread the word that Americans will no longer stand by while the forces of evil slam our Brothers and damn our friends and insinuate evil into our country.
    The battle is won (Hurrah); the war goes on.
    Our victory is assured; our battle cry is an old one but a valid one for our age. “We shall overcome” together; as one people; Brothers under the skin and despite our skin; forever.
    So let it be written. So let it be done.


    • As always you said it exactly as it needs to be said.

      Yes…at the start of the campaign, he visited a Black neighborhood, one of two times he actually visited a Black community, took a photo-op with 4 Black kids surrounding him and said, and I quote…”who let the dogs out….woof…woof….”

      I kid you not.

      That incident was proof enough the Willard Mitt Romney is/was a complete and total asshole racist wealthy greedy idiot.


  2. yes dear …

    On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 2:09 AM, “The ObamaCrat.Com” wrote:

    > ** > Jueseppi B. posted: “By Jueseppi B. In 1983 I started my > “political career” by actively working for the election of one Harold Lee > Washington for Mayor of Chicago. That campaign was my introduction to > inside the polit”


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