Day: November 26, 2012

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Can you imagine a world without war? May it be your will Eternal One our God and God of our ancestors that war and bloodshed will cease. That a treat, wonderful peace will envelope the whole world, And nation will not lift up sword…

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Above: Andrew Ramroop’s first suit from 1969. The renowned Master Bespoke Tailor Andrew Ramroop runs Maurice Sedwell No. 19 Savile Row and is the first black tailor to own a Savile Row tailoring shop. Twice he has captured the title of “Best Men’s…

Florida Finally Admits Treasonous Deeds

By Jueseppi B.         From Think Progress:   Floridians endured election chaos and marathon voting lines this year, largely thanks to reduced early voting hours, voter purges, and voter registration restrictions pushed by Republican legislators. In an exclusive report by the Palm Beach Post, several prominent Florida Republicans are now admitting […]

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Sweet Potato and Andouille Soup Down in Louisiana (and in the South, really) we love our pork products. So when my boss brought me some fresh andouille sausage and I picked up some Louisiana sweet potatoes from Hollygrove Market, I knew…

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make it with pastured, organic cream/eggs and you’ve got yourself a nutrient-dense dessert For a posh-sounding dessert, creme brulee is actually very simple. I think it’s the french. Give anything a french name and it’ll sound fancy. Les Pommes de Terre…


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