Day: December 2, 2012

Originally posted on Sparks In Shadow:
I wrote this story in 1979. Before this one, my stories were stuck in a genteel loop of trying to find my voice in the ‘longing for love’ and ‘love lost’ stories that rolled off my pen, stories that incorporated the tearjerker…

Originally posted on butimbeautiful:
I don’t think I’m really a girl.  Not through and through. Inspired today by Boy, Girl or None of the Above, I’ve been thinking about the whole girly/manly man thing. I’ve got bits, boobs, an hourglass figure and long hair, so technically it’s all…

Originally posted on cadesertvoice:
  Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive ~ Dalai Lama   Make no mistake…this is not about love and compassion for those who look like you and agree with you. It is about embracing ALL humanity, all life.…


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