Day: December 13, 2012

Originally posted on Allison Grayhurst :
  In Labour   Marked in the morning like a country finally lost and then replanted. Or autumn in the hardened inner walls, wearing down, preparing for the onslaught of cold.   I am neither in the shadows nor building beauty like pity…

Originally posted on Motley News:
I found this Young Republicans ad floating around the internet. This ad was circulated for Labor Day in 1956 and clearly supports and encourages labor unions. Talk about a different Republican Party these days…. FYI… I have not been able to find an…

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:
Think Progress The White House last week requested $60 billion in federal disaster relief to rebuild the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, but some Republicans are again threatening to hold disaster relief funding hostage unless it is offset by other budget cuts.…


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