Day: December 16, 2012

Originally posted on Motley News:
On Saturday, December 15th, with the murdered children and adults not even gone 24 hours, Shirley Phelps-Roger sent out a tweet that their Westboro Baptist Church would picket in front of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT. This church is known for…

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:
Pro-gun rights politicians are wimps when it comes to facing the public with their gun advocacy stance, especially in the aftermath of a horrific event like the Newton massacre.  Yet behind closed doors they accept “campaign contributions” and endorsements from the National…

Originally posted on Thoughts from the Outdoors:
—————– At the mercy of her queenship, our closest star walks a razor’s edge between life and death… Please stay we beg… don’t go away… Yet every day she shrouds us in darkness… Going off to do what stars do… Teasing…

Dear Mr. President…..

By Jueseppi B.         Mr. President, I have supported you and your political agenda since 2004 when I first returned to the states and heard your voice. I associate your career in politics with my grandfather because the night I heard you speak in 2004, […]


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