Day: January 8, 2013

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When I wrote a post on the night of the shootings about the fact that members my family grew up in Newtown and went to Sandy Hook Elementary School, I was touched by the comments of most of you. One commenter I’d never heard…

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What Women Want I feel that I have to apologize to all of my followers. I want to be writing about my love for The One. I want to talk about the passion of creativity and peace. I am going to continue to write…

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John McCain and Chuck Hagel, best friends no longer. We’re talking about John McCain here, so anything could have happened to set him off… The Washington Post – Chris Cillizza When Chuck Hagel sits before the Senate Armed Services Committee, one face…

Wonderful Inauguration Day News

By Jueseppi B.         From The Washington Post: President Obama has picked Myrlie Evers-Williams, widow of slain civil rights icon Medgar Evers, to deliver the invocation at his public swearing-in later this month. It is believed to be the first time a woman, and a layperson […]

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I’d totally prepared another post when I decided to take a little nap and my 2-year-old son sauntered after me. I groaned inwardly knowing my quick ‘shut-eye’ was fading into the shadows. Well he’s my son and I love him so we played on the bed, rumpled…

I was waiting for this silly house nigra to chime in on a subject he has no knowledge of, slavery and what it means to actually BE Black in America. If there ever was a typical Oreo, Tavis Smiley is your typical Oreo. AND it does not shock […]

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Okay, here goes… I’ve got a bad cold and a lot on my mind these days and therefore, haven’t been sleeping very well. While driving my nineteen-year-old son to work early this morning, we got into a rather intense conversation over gun control. Me…


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