Day: January 18, 2013

THIS Is Why America Needs GUN CONTROL: White Supremacist — A Convicted Felon — Has Arsenal.

By Jueseppi B.   Department of Justice photo: Richard Schmidt, Federal prosecutors have charged an ex-felon with illegally possessing 18 firearms, body armor and 40,000 rounds of ammunition.  An indictment in federal court in Toledo Wednesday also alleges that Richard Schmidt illegally trafficked in counterfeit clothing marked with brand names such […]

Originally posted on List of X:
If you want to see some serious gun appreciation, head to your nearest Wal-Mart and ask them how much more they charge for the guns today than they did two months ago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Only a few weeks after the Sandy…

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:
The Huffington Post Firearms enthusiasts around the country are being encouraged to head down to their local gun shops on Saturday, constitutions and American flags in hand, to send a message to President Barack Obama about Second Amendment rights — and, of course, to…

Originally posted on Black History 360*:
Ahh, Prof. Krugman presents a rare case of clarity that uses conventional numbers to focus on a problem the politicians and commentators have avoided. Its accuracy can be measured by the primal screams ringing in tomorrow’s blogs. The political culture became so wrapped…


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