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Filibuster Reform, 60 Minutes Joint Interview & Other “Stuff” From Barack’s House

By Jueseppi B.








This week, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid cut a deal with Republicans that kept the Senate filibuster in place.


Republicans have used this outdated procedure (which requires a super-majority to pass anything) to prevent a public option, strong Wall Street reform, and climate legislation.


Making matters worse, Reid is trying to punish Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley for telling grassroots activists which Democratic senators needed to hear most from their constituents on this issue.


Harry Reid had the power to pass bold new Senate rules, but he was afraid to use this power.  And Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is now boasting to his supporters, “We beat the liberals.”


Reid should be mad at himself. But the Huffington Post reports, “At Tuesday’s closed-door caucus meeting, Merkley was upbraided by Reid for breaking unspoken Senate rules and naming specific senators in a conference call with Democratic activists last week.”


We cannot let our friends be punished for helping grassroots organizations be effective in policy fights.


Democratic members were proud to make thousands of calls in support of Merkley’s filibuster reform proposal. We’ll continue working with him in the days ahead.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid caved on filibuster reform and in doing so failed Americans and more importantly, he failed President Barack Hussein Obama.


That We The People, must never accept.



60 Minutes Interview With President Obama & Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Stee Kroft

Tonight 60 Minutes’ correspondent Steve Kroft sits down for an interview with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Watch the interview on CBS at 7 p.m. EST/6 p.m. CT.




President Obama Heaps Praise on Hillary Clinton in first-ever joint interview on ’60 Minutes’







Obama, Clinton explain joint interview reasoning


Published on Jan 25, 2013

Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama discuss their working relationship during a “60 Minutes” interview.






Speaking Of Benghazi:

Under George Dubbya Bush There Were 11 Embassy Attacks, 57 People Killed in Those Attacks. The GOP Didn’t Say a Word. There were NO 11 Senate Committee hearings for those 57 lost American Lives. Can you explain to me why now….AND NOT THEN UNDER DUBBYA BUSH??




Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton’s First Interview Together




“Expert Pundits” have to be the dumbest humans walking the globe. Even I can comprehend why this joint interview must take place.




Statements and Releases


The White House

Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release
January 27, 2013

Statement by the President on International Holocaust Remembrance Day


On January 27th, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we honor the memories of the 6 million Jews and millions of other innocent victims whose lives were tragically taken during the Holocaust over sixty years ago. Those who experienced the horrors of the cattle cars, ghettos, and concentration camps have witnessed humanity at its very worst and know too well the pain of losing loved ones to senseless violence.


But while this is a time for mourning and reflection, it is also the time for action. On this day, we recall the courage, spirit, and determination of those who heroically resisted the Nazis, exemplifying the very best of humanity. And like these courageous individuals, we must commit ourselves to resisting hate and persecution in all its forms. The United States, along with the international community, resolves to stand in the way of any tyrant or dictator who commits crimes against humanity, and stay true to the principle of “Never Again.”


By remaining vigilant against those who seek to perpetrate violence and murder, we honor those we lost during one of the darkest periods in human history. And we keep their memory alive for generations to come.











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  1. Harry Reid should resign in disgrace. He just screwed the American’s that voted for change and stabbed our President in the back. He and the other weak kneed Dems just assured us that the 33 years of obstruction will continue. Do our votes really matter, or do the corporations, rich thieves and wall street bankers that rule our country and congress matter more?


    • Mr. Dave,
      It appears that the ones with the most cash to stuff the pockets of those like Harry Reid…are what matters. Remove cash from elections and jail politicians taking cash donations from corporations and this will change. The supreme court of the United States happens to be responsible for most garbage in politics because of Citizens United.


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