Day: February 14, 2013

Originally posted on everyday gurus:
“Truth is on the side of the oppresed.”–Malcom X I am an oppressor. I did not choose this position; it was given to me at birth. Ignorant of my privilege, I have abused this undeserved power throughout my life. Not until one of…

Originally posted on While Chasing Kids:
While the food blogs are overtaken by sweets and flowers, and my own Valentine’s chocolate cake is sitting in the fridge awaiting the second coat of ganache; I decided to write about something less festive today. After all, most likely tomorrow is…

It’s LOVE WEEK at my favorite romance novelist blog…..”Tabbruis had to take a chance at being happy. It would be a chance to either fill his heart or crush it, but he needed to try. For her love, he would do anything. He prayed, “Lord God, please allow […]


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