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Racism Does NOT Exist In America: FBI; Caucasian Man Slapped Black Crying Toddler On Delta Flight


By Jueseppi B.







From The Smoking Gun:


FBI: Man Slapped Crying Toddler On Delta Flight


Suspect used racial slur before striking fellow passenger’s son



FEBRUARY 15–After demanding that the mother of a crying toddler “shut that nigger baby up,” a male passenger allegedly slapped the 19-month-old across the face as a flight prepared to land in Atlanta last Friday evening, The Smoking Gun has learned.


The shocking February 8 incident aboard Delta Air Lines Flight 721 resulted in Joe Rickey Hundley, 60, being charged with simple assaultaccording to a U.S. District Court affidavit. Hundley, seen at right, is president of an aircraft parts manufacturer headquartered in Hayden, Idaho.


In an interview, Hundley denied striking the toddler or using a racial slur, though he did acknowledge that he “asked the mother to quiet the child.” Hundley, who said he was traveling to Atlanta to visit a hospitalized relative, described himself as “distraught” on the flight, during which he said he consumed a single alcoholic drink.


As detailed by FBI Agent Daron Cheney, Hundley was traveling to Atlanta from Minneapolis in seat 28A on the MD-90 twin-engine jet. He was seated next to Jessica Bennett, who shared seat 28B with her son Jonah.


Bennett, 33, told investigators that the “aircraft was in final descent” to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when her child “started to cry due to the altitude change.” Bennett added that she “was trying to get [her son] to stop crying, but he continued.”


At this point, Bennett recalled, Hundley used the racial epithet as he told her to shut the child up. He then allegedly “turned around and slapped” the toddler in the face “with an open hand, which caused the juvenile victim to scream even louder.” The slap, Bennett said, “caused a scratch below [the child’s] right eye.”






After Hundley hit the child, Agent Cheney reported, Bennett received assistance from several other passengers, including Todd Wooten, who was in seat 16C. Wooten told agents that he “heard derogatory language coming from the rear of the aircraft” and got up to investigate. “According to Mr. Wooten,” Cheney noted, “he saw Joe Rickey Hundley strike” the toddler.


Bennett told TSG that she believed Hundley was intoxicated when he boarded the plane, adding that he “reeked of alcohol” and was “stumbling around wasted.” Bennett, who was traveling to a family funeral, said that Hundley drank several double vodkas during the two-hour flight and complained to her that her adopted son, seen at left, was too big to be a “lap baby.” Bennett’s Facebook profile photo shows her holding Jonah when he was a baby.


Hundley was charged this week with simple assault, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Atlanta. If convicted of the misdemeanor count, he faces a maximum of one year in prison.


According to Virginia state court records, Hundley was arrested in 2007 following a fight with his girlfriend. Initially charged with simple assault, carrying a concealed weapon, and public intoxication, Hundley subsequently pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor assault rap. Hundley told TSG that the weapon he allegedly brandished was a wine corkscrew.


Thank you The Smoking Gun.



Ok, you know where I’m going with this. Had this racist caucasian cracka slapped MY child, I would have chocked his ass OUT on this plane and I would probably have gotten life….cause he would have died.


It’s not justice in America, it’s JustUS.











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    • I shake my head when folks, of all races, tell me racism is a figment of my mind. That America is so much better than it was in the 60’s. Then I read stories such as this and know America has been fooled.😎


      • I’m not so sure it is better than the sixties. Right to vote is in trouble, women’s right to abortion is in trouble, Living while Black is dangerous… change that I can see.


      • Ask me sometimes about the South back then, about my family. The family my father ran from, fought with and mostly kept his children from so as not to infect us. I love my roots, my home but not all they represent. I love my father for shielding us from the worst of it but teaching us to see the worst for what it was, a blight.

        It is bad today. Fear is what makes it bad. Regression makes it bad. The last stand of the old white man makes it bad. But, it truly is the last stand. All the things so many of us value that are under siege, we will eventually win back as we move the nation forward. It is up to us though to change move it forward, no more hand wringing, no more sitting back waiting for someone else to take a stand.


      • There is much work to do. Since Barack Hussein Obama took office, racist caucasians have taken this nation backwards at least 100 years, in many respects. Maybe we will move forward, and maybe we won’t. That remains to be seen. As of now, there is not much movement forward. A nation can’t move forward calling it’s President, nigger, boy, dick and monkey.


    • Racial hatred is whats wrong with people….well it is a hatred of many things, gender hatred, religious hatred, sexual orientation hatred…..just hatred.

      People are just dumb and full of hatred.


  1. If this was my child=This peckerwood would be audtioning for the lead role in a production of “The Headless Horseman”-I would behead the worthless nut-blast. J. B. this shit is beyond ridiculous!!!


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