Day: January 11, 2014

The Republican Lies – ‘GOP Senator’s Anti-Obamacare Story Denied By Doctor Who Saved His Daughter’s Life’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:
‘Republican Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) has repeatedly told his followers that a reconstructive heart surgery saved his baby daughter’s life, 30 years ago’. ‘Using the story to try to sway voters away from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Johnson claimed…

A Republican vision for America – Lying. Like Money….It’s FREE Speech – ‘Supreme Court to mull right to lie in political ads’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:
The Republicans have taken the ‘art’of stretching the truth in ploitics, misinformation and disinformation to simply removing the ‘middle man’ as it were and just ortright lying knowing full well their ‘base’ is not smart enough nor having the motivation…

The Chris Christie Cover Up – ‘Governors Spoke Privately About Bridge Controversy – Chris Christie Complained to Andrew Cuomo That His Appointee Was Pressing Too Hard for Answers’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:
  And so ends Chris Christie’s run for the White House…… ‘Updated Dec. 12, 2013 9:58 p.m. ET’ ‘New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week to complain about a Cuomo appointee’s handling of a…


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