George Zimmerman Kills Trayvon Martin And Is Free. Ms. Marissa Alexander Kills A Ceiling And She’s Behind Bars.


By Jueseppi B.




Tell Florida Governor Rick Scott:


“Angela Corey’s decision to seek a 60-year sentence for Marissa Alexander is a blatant abuse of power. Remove her as state attorney.”


Please Sign The Petition.


Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years of prison time for firing a warning shot to stop her abuser from hurting her. She was granted a re-trial because of national outrage over the case. But now, Florida state attorney Angela Corey is pushing for an even harsher sentence–60 years.


It’s outrageous.


And even more so when you consider that the average prison sentence of men who kill their female partners is 2 to 6 years. You read that right. 2 to 6 years. But Florida state attorney Corey is pushing 60 years for a woman who fired a warning shot that didn’t even hurt anyone?!


It’s a blatant abuse of power and a clear effort by Corey to raise her profile as a tough state attorney right before an election year. But playing politics with the life of Marissa Alexander is not okay. AndGovernor Rick Scott, who is already facing a ton of criticism in Florida, has taken no action to curb this rogue state attorney. After two years filled with horrible stories of racial violence in Florida–the killings of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis–and falling approval rates, Gov. Scott can’t afford another crisis. We need to show him that the whole country is still paying attention and we won’t stand for this kind of blatant injustice.


Will you sign the petition calling on Governor Scott to remove Angela Corey as state attorney? Please Sign The Petition.


The statistics are incredibly shocking–over 79% of women in federal and state prisons are survivors of physical and sexual abuse. And 64% are in prison for non-violent crimes.


And women of color fare the worst–composing 67% of the female prison population and often facing harsher sentences.7 This is about more than Marissa Alexander, although she is a glaring example of the inequality of our justice system and its treatment of domestic abuse survivors.


Florida’s broken justice system has reached a boiling point. It’s time to dismantle Stand Your Ground, which statistics show is successful as a defense far more often when white men kill black men than the other way around. But at the same time, we must stand up for all women who are targeted with extreme sentences. Just as Stand Your Ground disproportionately leads to the killings of black men, the justice system disproportionately targets women of color with longer sentences, even when the women are survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, and often exposes them to further abuse while incarcerated.


But now we have a national moment to shine light on the issue of domestic abuse and incarceration, which rarely gets media attention. And it starts by holding Governor Scott accountable for Florida state attorney Angela Corey’s abuse of power. State attorney Corey is clearly looking for a media opportunity to raise her profile by pushing for such a harsh sentence for Marissa Alexander. But if we all speak up now, we can make sure that attention is negative–and Corey is exposed not for being tough on crime, but for disproportionately targeting survivors of domestic abuse.


Will you stand up for Marissa Alexander and tell Governor Rick Scott to remove Angela Corey from her position as FL state attorney? Please Sign The Petition.


Thanks for taking action.



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Please Sign The Petition.











Free Marissa Alexander. Imprison Angela Corey.

Free Marissa Alexander. Imprison Angela Corey.




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