She spent

too much time waiting for Godot

wishing childhoods end hadn’t shut

so bitterly

still ransacking life for meaning

in coffee cups and empty corners

suspicious of joy

like a cowering shelter dog

bites before he listens

to the kindness in a voice

she spent

too much time watching over her shoulder

grew a crook in her neck

the size of her pain

tight was the manacle holding her upright

she didn’t let people groom her or feed her

her emaciation was welted lesson

she struck out like fire water

finding dust in others truths

her loneliness became strange succor

for the damage in her purple roots

no this was no way to live

surviving not thriving

on thin air on top of the world

she stopped believing in miracles

the kind that crunch underfoot

as you run for a bus you didn’t think you could

catch in time

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