The beautiful girl & the ugly reality



Once in a land, nearby and familiar

lived a girl who nobody thought was beautiful

who didn’t know when she grew

she’d meet another girl

and all the ugly reality of her life

up until that moment

would fall away

when something changes

it’s like discovering you are made of light

you need nothing

but to inhabit the moment

reaching through sadness

lonely years


empty birthdays

uncaring people

times you told yourself

it’s never going to change

I’m never going to matter

in an instant


like long loved toys

found in corners

always bring great joy

we don’t need new expensive presents

nor large houses with too many toilets

we don’t need crowds chanting our name

or plaques and awards inscribing fame

we don’t need to be best seller

or dope dealer

we don’t need to fit a size XS

have a circular swimming pool with lime trees

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