Clinton’s ‘Woman Card’ = Sexism

Nel's New Day

Hillary Clinton has decided “to go all in as the woman-candidate,” according to conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg. As the “woman-candidate,” however, Clinton faces a tremendous level of sexism. People call her dishonest although her record finds her to be the most honest of all presidential candidates for the past three terms. Donald Trump is the most dishonest of all the candidates. Our culture teaches that girls and women lie—for example, rape victims are frequently accused of lying but rapists are believed. Women are less likely to be accepted as bosses or employees—and get paid less.

Life is harder for women who challenge gender norms—like running for president. Eleanor Roosevelt was frequently hated because she advocated for policies beyond the traditional First Lady role. Hillary Clinton’s favorability was shattered when she worked on health care reform during Bill Clinton’s early presidential years. As First Lady, she regained popularity when she was pictured…

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