Four Perspectives on the War in Syria

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Almost everyone I know has an idea what is happening in Syria…..most people have no idea what is going on in the country that we are trying to “liberate”…..there is more to this situation than throwing bombs and firing guns at each other…..

I read a couple of reports about the situation…..maybe this will help people who want to know what is happening in this country…..

The Century Foundation (TCF) has closely followed the conflict in Syria over the last year as its impact has resonated not only in the Levant but as far afield as the White House, Kremlin, and Europe. Contributors Aron Lund and Sam Heller joined TCF fellows Thanassis Cambanis and Michael Hanna to discuss the latest developments in Syria and prospects for the future. Their conversation is below.

Source: Four Perspectives on the War in Syria

Syria Conflict Map/July 15, 2016. Source: @deSyracuse. Click here to view map in interactive format.

Of course there is always the subject on whether it…

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