Green Party POTUS Candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s Stance On Various Issues

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Image: Jill Stein for President
Image: Jill Stein for President
Green-Party-Logos Drugs

Wants to legalize marijuana and hemp and wants to put hard drug abuse under the umbrella of public health concern. She is against police militarization and what some call the “school to prison pipeline.” She’s anti-death penalty.

Green-Party-Logos Military


She’s anti- war, drone war and foreign military bases, including Gitmo. She wants to cut the military budget by at least 50 percent. Kill lists and indefinite detainment are also a no-no.

Green-Party-Logos Science


Wants to ban GMOs and any pesticides with no proven safety record. Her comments about vaccinations strike some as flakey, but she’s for them, just suspicious of corporate mischief in medicine. She wants to cut military spending and do some space traveling.

Green-Party-Logos Environment


Stein is intense about the environment. She is against fracking, called nuclear power plants “weapons of mass destruction” and wants to basically start a national drive to fight climate change.

Green-Party-Logos Privacy


She wants to eliminate warrantless surveillance and spying and to protect whistleblowers. Stein believes “Edward Snowden should be welcomed home as a hero with a confetti parade.”

Green-Party-Logos Immigration


She’s for a path to citizenship, so rest assured she’s not going to be deporting 11 million people like certain orange-colored, tiny-handed presidential candidates we could mention.

Green-Party-Logos Repro Rights


Stein is pro-choice on abortion and says that she believes a healthcare system that offers birth control regardless of religious views would lead to fewer women needing to have abortion.

Green-Party-Logos Gay Rights


Her current platform has all the necessary letters, “protect LGBTQIA+ people from discrimination” but few specifics. To her immense credit, she was for gay marriage more than a decade before Democrats decided it was cool.

Green-Party-Logos Free Speech


She’s against Citizens United and other laws that (over) empower corporate speech. She’s for net neutrality.

Handy infographic explains Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s stance on various issues

In Politics by Jamie Peck / June 29, 2016

For left-leaning people unenthused at the prospect of voting for the lesser of two evils in the upcoming presidential election, Green Party candidate Jill Stein presents an appealing alternative. Ideologically, she is fairly close to Bernie Sanders, hence she’s been heavily courting the nearly 50% of Sanders supporters who say they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Stein will be on the ballot in a number of states. Her biggest problem: Almost nobody has heard of her.

In an email to her supporters with the subject line “87% don’t know I’m running – can you help?”, Stein noted that a full 87% of people in a recent poll “said they don’t know enough about our campaign to have an opinion.” A recent CNN poll put her at just 7% support nationwide. “But put the two polls together, and you’ll realize something amazing,” quoth the email. “Of the 12% who know about our campaign, more than half are planning to vote for me!”

Having gotten little coverage in the mainstream media, it’s no surprise Stein’s having trouble getting her message out. Case in point: I blog about politics for a living, and I had to Google her the other day to find out if she’s really an anti-vaxxer like an internet troll said she was (she’s not). Hence, when I came across this handy infographic on Stein from Playboy, it seemed prudent to share it.

As you can see, she’s really passionate on the environment and issues of social justice, as well as cutting back military spending. She also believes in LGBT rights, abortion rights, and a path to citizenship for immigrants. She veers a little too close to being anti-GMO for my tastes, but I guess she has to satisfy the crunchy granola wing of her party somehow.

For more information on where Stein stands on the issues, visit JillStein2016.com.


Everything You Need to Know about Green Party Nominee Jill Stein

Bernie Bros and other Sanders fanatics may not be politically homeless yet, but they’re likely to be by election day, if not many months before. Some of them may stay home. Some may choke back the bile and vote for Hillary Clinton or choose to burn it all down and go with Donald Trump. However, the most familiar candidate for these earnest folks might be the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein. Stein does not have the awesome ranting skills of Sanders, but she’s probably the best replacement available, in terms of ideology. And boy does she hate Hillary Clinton. She knows it, too, as she wrote on a Reddit AMA a month ago: “Bernie and I need to talk.”

The Green Party’s candidate in 2012 and 2016, Stein has received the most votes of any female candidate for president at nearly half a million. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and she’s a hardcore, protesting-Vietnam-in-college, wants to get rid of all nukes lefty, but that means she’s also a bracing alternative to fellow third party candidate libertarian Gary Johnson, as well as the Clinton v. Trump slog of sadness. Not to mention, back in 2012 she and her VP got themselves arrested when they protested their lack of invites to the debates. Stein has teamed up with the Libertarian Party to sue the Commission on Presidential Debates for inclusion.

ALL You Need To Know About Dr. Jill Stein #JillStein 2016

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