Libya: Here We Go Again


In Saner Thought

Remember 2011?  It was the year before the election for Obama’s second term and the US used NATO to overthrow and kill Qaddafi….the excuse used to get involved was an age old one….a humanitarian crisis.

Most people will know very little about the country of Libya other than the Benghazi tragedy……that has gotten more press than a Kardashian.

Today there is major fighting going on all over the country…..three separate wars are raging…one against ISIS, one against rebels and one against what is called the “government”.

The recognized government is run by a CIA plant, a general Haftar, so that should help figure out who actually runs the country.

I bring all this up because the US has returned to using air power to help the “government”…..

The Pentagon has announced today that the US has begun conducting military airstrikes against Libya with the stated intent of defeating ISIS in…

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