New York Blue Lives Matter Bill Makes Cops A “Protected Class.”

The Fifth Column

The first thing that comes to mind is…aren’t Policemen already considered a “protected” class?  Secondly, will this make them “teflon” cops…in that whatever perceived crime or infarction by an “average Joe” could include a threat to the Officer because….say…one was wearing a BLM T-shirt while contesting a traffic stop?
I’d say this matter lies somewhere between hinging on Free Speech issues and possibly even “criminalizing” free speech…because if the law is passed…the term “Black Lives Matter” in whatever context: a Tee-shirt; a bumper sticker; a large placard in a demonstration…etc. can all be perceived as THREATS toward police officers in each instance, which could/would possibly lead to arrests as violation of the issue in question.
Feel free to voice your opinions on the issue… (ks)


New York has become the latest state to introduce a Blue Lives Matter bill, which would classify assaulting an officer as a hate crime. The…

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