Are The Olympics In Hell This Year?


The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Rio, Olympics, Summer Olympics, Hell, writing, short story, Modern Philosopher“You started running again?” The Devil asked when he looked up from the newspaper and broke the silence that I had been enjoying so much.

“You can tell?” I asked excitedly.  “It’s only been two days, but can you notice a difference already?

I tend to drop weight quickly in my face when I begin a new running routine.  The chipmunk look is not good on me, so I’m secretly thrilled that my cheek fat is the first go.

“No, Forrest, your leg is elevated and wrapped in enough ice to sink the Titanic,” Lucifer quipped.

He was correct.  My left leg was up on the table and there were several ice bags strapped to it with ace bandages.  Apparently, my brain had become as numb as my lower limb.

“Yeah, I got back out on the road the last two mornings,” I explained casually like the seasoned runner I…

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