Evidence Found: Great Flood Marks The Beginning Of China’s Civilization


Source: Evidence found for a great flood that marks the beginning of China’s civilization — Secret History — Sott.net

New geological findings suggest that an ancient flood in a popular legend about the birth of China’s civilization might have actually occurred, but some 150 years later than historians thought.

© Wu Qinglong
This photo shows Jishi Gorge upstream from the landslide dam. Gray silt deposits reveal an ancient, massive lake held by the dam.

In Chinese mythology, the tale of a great flood marks the beginning of the ancient civilization and the debut of China’s first-ever, but possibly fictional, dynasty—the Xia Dynasty. Today, researchers published a paper in Sciencelaying out geological evidence for a huge flood on the Yellow River almost 4000 years ago that may have inspired the origin story.

“The scientific evidence of this flood…

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