Reach In



Waste not daybreak in idling engine

glass indistinct, loosening reality

our indivisible means of escape

excuses for pockets of moments

breadcrumbs for ancient longing

a respite from clamor

just let me have

this closed-door from awareness

beating on peace

just let me have

this quiet space from world

lusting for my emerging breakage

just let me have

this reflecting water cool on my face

emptying chaos

it doesn’t mean I love you less

if sometimes behind a door I

scream silently for you to be gone

we are still wild in our hearts

far from forest we long to run

absent from skies we dream of flight

lost from tranquility we strive

to touch a little of what is lost

in firelit caves

moss-covered rocks

deep the breath of the wanderer

gone from his tribe

apart from all others who speak

his language

only communing with ancient surging



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