Yemen: Some Things Never Change


In Saner Thought

For a year now the Saudis have been bombing Yemen relentlessly….and finally a bit of sanity raised is shy head and the warring factions decided to try and work of their differences with peace talks….I applauded the effort since the only suffering from this endless air attacks are the civilians…..mostly children…but after a month or so of talks not much could be agreed upon and…….

Presumably, the search for a solution to end the Yemen war has ended with the balanced proposal put forward by the United Nations Special Envoy to the Yemeni crisis. But alas, while Yemen’s legitimate government of President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi accepted the proposal, the Houthi rebels and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh immediately rejected it.

The proposal stated that the rebels have to pull out of Sanaa, the capital, and engage in talks for 45 days after their withdrawal. Furthermore, the plan requires the…

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