7 Million Americans Refuse To Pay Back Student Loans


Good for you 7 million Americans! Tell the powers that be to erase your debt, just like they did to the corrupt bankers.  Or, tell them that your money disappeared into the dark military budget that ‘misplaced’ 6 trillion dollars!

Just wait until people wake up and start refusing to pay off their credit cards…

It’s all imaginary numbers anyway. Viva la revolucion!

Source: 7 million Americans flat out refuse to pay back student loans


student-debt-image-2By Lori Harfenist

According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, 7 million Americans are flat-out refusing to pay back their student loans because they feel scammed by their universities and government. They feel like they were told to go to school and are now left with worthless degrees, no jobs, and no prospects for the future. The government has tried many tactics to reach these defaulters, but their efforts…

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