Chicago Police Torture History And Writing Project.

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Social Action 2014

In the city of Chicago it remains to suffer as the remain of the strain that was left upon it as the result of Jon Burge and his subordinates that intentionally and deliberately took African American and Latino men to Chicago area police stations to extract confessions from them through acts of systematic torture. Most of the men complain of being taken primarily to area two and three violent crime units that were located on the southside of Chicago, held within the police stations incommunicado and tortured to confess.
Tortures under the command of Burge was first reported in 1972 and occurred at area two violent crime unit while at 90th and Cottage Grove Ave., until it moved to East 111th Street. Men and women complained of being taken to area two and having their genitals, testicles, grabbed, squeezed, electrically shocked, beat, beatings…

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