Political Assassination – the American Way



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Clowns Against Child Poverty

Donald Trump has entered a political kill zone. And the American establishment is lining up to take him out. We are talking here in virtual terms – at least thus far.

Source: Political Assassination – the American Way


Finian Cunningham

Aug 9, 2016

Nowadays, political assassination byUS powers-that-be does not necessarily involve physical liquidation ofthe individual deemed tobe an enemy ofthe state. Who needs all that blood and controversy? Especially when character assassination achieves the same desired end result— that is, elimination oftarget fromthe public domain.

The fierce media crossfire that the Republican presidential contender is being subjected toleaves little doubt that this is a concerted effort todestroy this politician.

In the pastweek, we have seen a fusillade ofvilification fired atthe New York property tycoon-turned presidential hopeful. Everything, it seems, has been thrown athim, fromhis Slovenian-born wife’s alleged US visa…

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