Syria: A Balkanizing Future?

In Saner Thought

The Middle East these days is a region with more problems than successes…..take for instance Syria…..After all this confusing and war can it remain as a solid country to venture into the future?  Or will it breakdown into regions like Iraq has done (although no one wants to admit it)?

What are the chances of a balkanizing of Syria?

Balkanizing?  WTF?

Divisionofaplaceorcountryintoseveralsmallpoliticalunits,oftenunfriendlytooneanother.ThetermbalkanizationcomesfromthenameoftheBalkan Peninsula, whichwasdividedintoseveralsmallnationsintheearlytwentiethcentury.

1920,firstusedinreferencetotheBalticstates,onthemodelofwhathadhappenedintheBalkans; saidtohavebeencoinedbyEnglisheditorJamesLouisGarvin(1868-1947),butA.J.Toynbee(1922)crediteditto“GermanSocialists”describingtheresultsof

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