Puerto Ricans Offered Minimum Wage Jobs…In Alaska.



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When the Financial Control Board lands on Puerto Rico next month, and “recommends” a minimum wage of $4.25, the US will provide some helpful alternatives. Boricuas can be cops in Camden, teachers in Texas, and grape pickers in Gainesville, New York.

Even Alaska is pitching in. The state has a fish-packing plant in Dutch Harbor, where Puerto Rican workers – both men and women – can gut, peel and pack fish for $9.75 an hour.

Overtime pay is $14.63 an hour.

The minimum wage in Alaska is $9.75 an hour, and the minimum overtime wage is $14.63 an hour.

So Puerto Ricans are being offered jobs 5,600 miles away, at minimum wage, in one of the most expensive states in the country.  



The working conditions for these jobs in Alaska, were invented in hell. They are so abusive that they deserve a second article, all…

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