Western Intervention. Is It EVER Helpful?

Libyans Revel In New Freedom As Hunt For Gaddafi Continues

In Saner Thought

Our intervention has been disastrous since 2003….hell since the 1980’s and Lebanon…our involvement in the Middle East as been at best a disaster.

Since 2008 we have been involved in more and more conflicts and it seems to be accelerating…..with each passing year……but with all this intervention the question should be asked…….

According to Greg Muttitt, a London-based writer, the best thing the West can do for Libya is to leave it alone.

Last week I wrote about Libya and expressed the hope that the country would be able to find its own path in a future without Gaddafi. The rebels have received important help from France and Britain among other foreign powers. Those foreign powers will be eager to establish a regime in Libya that suits them. Only the Libyan people can create a country whose natural resources support the freedom and prosperity of the many.

Plenty of people…

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