Why Does No One Care?

CSA visits Regional Command-South

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Before I begin the meat of this post I would like to commit on something in the news recently……I saw where Trump at one of his get-togethers held up a Purple Heart and said that some vet handed it to him…..I want to know who this vet was….none of the vets I know would give away their Purple Heart…for any reason!  If it is true….GIVE ME A NAME!

We have been at war footing for 15 years…..troops go die and are wounded or maimed….and NO one seems to give a shit.  Why is that?

Just recently I wrote an article about more troops for Iraq……

Step by step….inch by inch….we are returning to a full compliment of US troops in Iraq…..we are returning combat troops to “assist” the Iraqi army handle the day against ISIS….recently word came down that as many as 750 American troops would be returning to Iraq……and…

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  1. My Friend. I’m writing here because it’s sufficiently low enough down on your page so it won’t gain attention. I wanted to say two things. Firstly I’m sorry if anything I wrote in response to your Xenophobia article was offensive to any of your readers, as I got a series of quite patronizing and argumentative and insulting messages from one of your readers called James Williamson and second, I hope you know I am not a racist. It is a bad day when I have to qualify this, and I believe you know me well enough to know I don’t have to say this, but he did accuse me of this so I feel as someone with white skin even if my mom is African my skin is white and I accept that, I need to state I would not be racist because it’s simply not within me. Now that said, in my article I did point to my own examples of xenophobia and it’s sad that instead of him seeing I was being humble and admitting to flaws within myself to just reduce it to argument and insults. Anyway that’s his choice as mine was to be honest and get mud thrown in my face. I want you to know that you and I might disagree on some things I’m sure we do, but FUNDAMENTALLY we agree on more than we disagree on and FUNDAMENTALLY we are on the same side and we care about the same things. I respect the heck out of you, have done for a long time, and nothing changes that, I just hope you know I’m not the woman he painted me to be and whilst I get that he feels strongly about it and good for him, I didn’t want to be misrepresented, or my original point that we’re all in some way xenophobic and what we can do about it, to be love. Blessings my friend. Candice xo


    • James Williamson is a dumbfuck and I told him so in those exact words. NEVER worry or concern yourself with the MANY MANY dumbasses I get leaving comments on my blog’s comment section. Listen carefully….YOU HAVE THE PERMISSION FROM ME TO SAY. COMMENT OR WRITE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE. I sincerely hope thats crystal clear for you my Dear. When a stupid moronic idiot such as James Williamson takes time to visit my blog and then has no life goals but to leave a very lengthily dumbass response to a piece of magnificent writing such as your Xenophobia article, that tells me just how much of a loser he is in his real life. NEVER apologize for your thoughts and feelings/ideas to me. As for you being racists, I could never love a racists, now could I.

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      • I didn’t need to be reminded why I like you so much but this reminds me why I like you so much! You ROCK I mean literally the rock is SHAKING with your vibration. You are truly a man of my heart with your strength, your courage and your insight. I love that and I’m honored to call you my friend – may it always be so. I get that he feels what he feels it was okay really, I just needed to tell you stuff I knew you knew because you are insightful and know me better than most. Thank you – thank you for being the kind of person who gives the world HOPE


      • I learned a long time ago that people are afraid of their own shortcomings & failures as human beings and attempt to find their lost self-worth in demeaning others. I detest anyone who resorts to bullying or attacking others based on their own low self-esteem. I have your back always. As I say, you and I are Umoja.

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      • How right you are. People are terrified of their own shortcomings. This causes more strife in the world than anything else. When women talk together, they compete, and thus, their exchanges are always laiden with something less authentic, because they are also thinking on another level – like ‘is she more attractive? will she get the man I want?’ – of course not all the time but when it happens it’s obvious, When we let that go we let go of anything untruthful or insincere, we are just ourselves. Like you, I do not like when someone bullies another (especially if they didn’t really understand what you were saying and only reacted out of anger or knee-jerk response) which happens a lot online. Thank you for being you. You inspire me, daily, and I am so grateful for your existence in my life. you are a true friend and we share the same desire for this world. Umoja.


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