Xenophobia By Albino Phoenix


Albino Phoenix

My friend, Mr Militant Negro wrote a really good post on Xenophobia https://theobamacrat.com/2016/02/29/xenophobia-are-you-xenophobic-most-are/ and I responded to it. This became a post of my own.

I have some xenophobia and I have noticed it in my reactions if I am both honest and really examine why I react and how I react. An example would be, I’m an immigrant to America and when Trump said he was building a wall between Mexico and USA I said ‘that’s stupid, if anything it should be built between the USA and Canada. The reason I said this was because I had a xenophobia of the influx of Asian immigrants to the USA and Canada.

Hispanics were set to be the dominant minority in the USA by 2025 but by 2035 it’s going to be Asians. I think a part of me if I am honest, was dismayed. I came from a country where…

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