We take ourselves apart at the edges

letting in a little rot and damp

every time we lose faith in the sound of

our own instinct


listen to the rise and fall of you

climbing desert dunes in monsoon

no purchase

ever flailing

thinking in unsteadiness

you do not know

the maker of your soul

this absolute never leaves our side

we forget how to speak within

to lift up our brokenness

have faith in the setting of our mistakes

this is part of our journey

prints caked in sun become not permanent

but markers to learn

they wash away with our repent

like salt builds edifices in mirage

we who stagger for hunger

find in the quietude of solitude

pathways of learning, lining our hearts

give me

just one frail step

and I will lend you wings

for these wax laid effigies

are not real regrets they fill…

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