Filmmakers Marry Caribbean Heritage With A Universal Message

Repeating Islands

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An article by Carly Miller for The Ditmas Park Corner.

Ditmas Park-based Caribbean couple Claire Ince and Ancil McKain named their first feature film, Bazodee, after a Trinidadian slang word for a state of confusion and love.

“We set out to tell a different story,” said Claire, Bazodee’s screenwriter. “A lot of indie films tend to be dramas and thrillers, we wanted to be funny and fun.”

Set on the vivid, colorful islands of Trinidad & Tobago, to the rhythm of sensuous Soca music, Bazodee is a neo-Bollywood musical with Caribbean island flavor. The film’s cinematic inspirations include classic Bollywood mixed with Western films — musical elements from ‘Once’, and the Carnival-esque feel of ‘Moulin Rouge’.

But Soca music is the pulse that drives the film. Soca, also known as the soul of calypso, originated in Trinidad & Tobago as a combination of African and Indian rhythms influenced by funk and soul.

“The music that comes…

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