Wish List For The USA, Part IV (Voting Rights)

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Gronda Morin

elections good cartoon re voting rights 133707_600My fourth policy wish is for the next administration to enact voting rights legislation that directs all states towards delivering to every qualified voter easy and ample access to the ballot box while eliminating the republicans’ red herring about voter fraud. This legislation should include wording to end the states’ prevailing party’s ability to gerrymander (divide) its voting districts into areas that favors any party whether republican, democrat or otherwise.

This empowers all qualified voters to have confidence that their vote counts and that they do have power which cannot be diminished by political shenanigans.

If states like Oregon can accomplish these goals, then other states should be made to meet these objectives as well. So, if a state cannot demonstrate that its proposed voter legislation is in compliance with the above described minimum standards, then it should be DOA.

From NY Times From NY Times

In the recent past, the 2013 ruling by the Supreme Court in the case of Shelby County v Holder, gutted the 1965…

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