“The Election Is Rigged”


In Saner Thought

Before I go on let me wish Hip-Hop a happy birthday….it was born on this day in the Bronx in 1973….Congrats!

That is the spin that Mr. Trump is spouting at every campaign speech these days….is he making his campaign loss everyone’s fault but his?

That was a rhetorical question…..but you know there may be NO way to prove that it is not rigged.

Say what?  Could Trump be prophetic?

With growing evidence that Russia is meddling in the US presidential election—allegedly by hacking the Democratic National Committee and releasing embarrassing emails—the concern that somebody might try to hack voting machines no longer seems outlandish. And as many as one-fifth of all votes cast in the November election could be particularly vulnerable to interference.

Computer scientists and security experts have warned for years about the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines. Now the DNC hack has brought those fears to…

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