!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!Babygirl!!!!!!!!!1You keep doing what you do and ignore the ignorance of those who wish to silence you. I’ll always support you and give your mind a voice.


you are the side of me I do not acknowledge

who would with abandon and no courage

slip from chains and make steps to forgo

iron expectations hanging about my throat

when you take me by the neck, leading me places, I know not yet

rip out the part of me holding back, telling myself you cannot do that

rules do not apply when madness breathes

states of being are just states of being

you are honest for living a lie

I am falling between the gaps in my funeral pyre

sometimes you can exist but not really live

you burn the sky with drama and pith

and I? I have been safe and good, not one for scolds

I live in the shadows, cross my legs, do what I’m told

this ache within has never climbed without

your hand to guide me to my loss

when you let go…

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