Violet Hour



Yesterday we were dirty-faced children

pinching each others fleeing shadows

darting between trees bursting with apple bloom

your dark hair, onyx eyes, swift hands

breaking your arm as you fell

in unguarded moment from thoughtless limb

I salved your bones and knit them

with sap of pip and pith wound in honey

we rose up against our call to return indoors

like bees let loose among ripe sweet corn

stay the day we cease to turn wild

innocence become stale and spoilt

where did we spill our light sprint flowering

in smooth reflection?

when cease our urgent dance of abandon

freed to climb out of expectation?

too soon we meet, some future week, a world

inclined toward conformed bow

you are wearing shoes and have your hair neatly


we shake in stiffness, a starched warblers call from

girls of marsh and river

slipping in and out of sunlight dappling…

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