What Is Moral About Voting For Hillary Clinton? NOTHING.


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What is moral about voting for Hillary?

Hillary Clinton - CaricatureHillary Clinton

I’ve been very disappointed to learn that folks I’ve respected for being radical and even progressive have come out to support Hillary Clinton. I am disappointed because they have fallen away from, diverged from my world view. This feeds my paranoia about being demoralized into giving up and just trying to live out my life in peace and harmony with my neighbors. Why should I be concerned about US and NATO efforts of empire building? Destabilization and destruction of Middle Eastern states, transfer of arms from Libya to Turkish terrorists and Al Nustra formerly Al Qaeda of Iraq, the transfer of Libyan central bank reserves to France and the subsequent disintegration of the notion to create an alternative currency for African countries, (Who the hell did he think he was anyway?) or with the continuing support of the 1/10 percent’s media…

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