Jill Stein Calls For Investigation Of Hillary Clinton

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By Richard Edmondson

It looks like Green Party Candidate Jill Stein is starting to get some major coverage in the mainstream media. In addition to the above video, you can also go here to see her interviewed on CNN, where she calls for an investigation of Hillary Clinton. Key quote from that interview:

“I think there should have been a full investigation. I think the American people are owed an explanation for what happened and why top secret information was put at risk.”

All of that is very nice, but calling for an investigation of Clinton is an eminently safe position to take, and you will notice that in neither video does Stein address the issue of Israel or the power of its lobby in America.

“Well, she can’t talk about stuff like that and hope to continue getting mainstream media coverage like she’s now getting!” I imagine some of…

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