Mississippi Neck Tie



Poet: Khristopher James Ross-Wilcox of Ball State University

I’m tired of the lies you’ve built around yourself like a fortress

You choose to be ignorant and then blame me for being angry

You bask in the misery of me and mine, then dismiss it like our sorrows don’t matter or exist

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You tear me and mine down, categorize us, stereotype us, and have the nerve to say, “Well I sure miss the old days. Weren’t the 50s just swell?”

You ignore history, like a failing junior in high school, and it’s time someone fact checked you like a politician who’s been caught with their foot in their mouth

First you stole me away from my home and culture

Ripped away my name, identity, humanity

You bound my body as you forced your god upon me, saying in HIM I…

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